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Friday, November 16, 2018

Open Letter to Nutritionists About the Fluoride Deception

Open Letter to Nutritionists About the Fluoride Deception

Dental dogma and authoritative pronouncements aside, fluoride is not a nutrient of any kind - essential, non-essential or micronutrient. Consumption does not provide any dental benefit, and there is no such thing as a fluoride deficiency. Fluoride is best characterized as a poison that is used as a drug in a misguided attempt to prevent cavities.

The following is an open letter from a cross section of organizations who recognize that the fluoride deception* which has primarily focused on deceiving politicians and the public is also targeting nutritionists. This effort is especially reprehensible in the light of several National Institute of Health sponsored studies published in 2017 and 2018 validating that even low doses consumed by pregnant women, bottle-fed infants, and others in optimally fluoridated communities can result in thyroid disease and subtle but permanent brain damage in many vulnerable consumers.
* ‘The Fluoride Deception’ is the title of a 2004 expose by investigative journalist Christopher Bryson that details the seedy origins of fluoridation policy.

To Professionals, Politicians and Public:
Empirical data and scientific studies from the 21st century have proved beyond doubt that not only does fluoride have no place in the human diet but also that fluoridation policy is a public harm policy.
Major findings from evidence-based science relevant to dietary fluoride confirm:
1. Dental damage from youthful consumption of fluoride
2. Neurological damage from prenatal, youthful and long term exposure to fluoride
3. Biological damage to endocrine, immune, renal, gastrointestinal and other systems
4. Bone damage from long term exposure and exposure during critical growth periods
5. Increased risk of complications during pregnancy affecting both mother and child
6. Disproportionate harm to various vulnerable populations due to ethnicity, age, health conditions, genetics or epigenetics.
We, the undersigned, attest to having done our due diligence in studying the effects of fluoride consumption and/or fluoridation policy on people and planet. We have concluded that there is no ethical or medical justification for including fluoride on any nutritional list nor for dosing municipal water supplies with corrosive and contaminated fluoridation products in order to mass medicate the public.

Dental damage
In the United States where approximately 75% of the population consumes fluoridated tap water, over half of all adolescents have dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis is also high and rising in non-fluoridated municipalities due to the ‘halo’ effect from food and beverages prepared with fluoridated water as well as from exposure to fluoridated pesticides in foods and fluoridated dental products. Severe fluorosis includes pitting, misshapen teeth and missing enamel. One in five American teenagers has moderate to severe damage on least two brittle teeth many of which will likely require costly veneers or crowns due to childhood fluoride consumption. Dental fluorosis is correlated with increased cavities, periodontal disease and other dental expenses.

Neurological damage
Prenatal and youthful exposure predict increased incidence of learning disabilities in dozens of human and hundreds of laboratory studies. A recent NIH sponsored study validated a doseresponse trend line for lowered IQ in offspring based on maternal dose within the dose range typical in optimally fluoridated communities. Only a handful of studies, each of which has severe limitations, claim not to have found neurological harm. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists fluoride as a water contaminant and as a ‘gold standard developmental neurotoxicant.’ Fluoride binds with heavy metals such as lead and aluminum, as well as enhancing the absorption of those metals into blood and brain. The pineal gland deep in the brain becomes calcified from chronic exposure to fluoride. The pineal gland governs sleep patterns and reproductive hormones. Fluoride is also associated with increased risk of neurodegenerative disease.

Biological damage
Fluoride lowers iodine levels and can disrupt thyroid function. Fluoride is a particular burden to kidneys which in a healthy adult excrete about 50% of intake, the remainder being sequestered in tissue and bone. Fluoride is an adjuvant which intensifies the immune response in the presence of an antigen, i.e. it worsens or causes allergies and symptoms of autoimmune disease. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and atherosclerosis in the heart are manifestations of fluoride damage. Crohn’s disease and other irritable bowel conditions can be caused or worsened by fluoride. Gastrointestinal cancers in particular have been observed to be higher in fluoridated communities. Fluoridation predicts increased age-related diabetes, as does frequent use of OTC dental rinses, essentially all of which are fluoridated. Dermal absorption contributes to systemic exposure which affects biological systems.

Bone damage

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