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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lame Stream Media Indoctrination

Future smart homes will have roll-up TVs, a brain-wave bath

Don’t worry: Technology may come and go, but some things never change. In the not-so-distant future, cars will drive themselves, but home will always be home. It’ll just be a heck of a lot smarter.
Granted, some tech is better than other tech. No one needs a Wi-Fi-connected juice press that doesn’t actually juice anything (see: Juicero). Gadgets that offer real utility — like a smart oven or open-source furniture — stand a better chance of becoming ubiquitous.

If you’re skeptical, think of it this way: In-home refrigeration was the crazy, newfangled invention of 1913. Now, few among us can imagine living without it.

What will the home of the future look like? We took stock of the most exciting tech-forward home products on the market. It’s only a matter of time until at least some of these come standard in every American home.

Thirty-nine million Americans — one in six of us — now have a smart speaker in their homes, and all signs indicate this figure will only creep higher with time. In the living room of the future, smart speakers will be a central feature, with newer models connected to every element in your home, from the lightbulbs to the lock on your front door to the thermostat. They will become so essential you won’t think twice about plunking down $400 for one.

Watching TV and movies will be a wildly different experience. Why devote precious square footage in your living room to a giant screen when you could have one that effortlessly rolls up away and out of sight, like the one LG Display debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show? Or you may choose not to have a TV at all and opt instead for a superhigh-resolution short-throw projector that turns any white wall into your own personal movie theater. Sony’s new $30,000 model would fit the bill, assuming the price comes down.

It will be much easier to design your living space. Apps and online platforms such as Modsy and Hutch will use virtual and augmented reality to help you visualize how a couch or chair will look in your home. You’ll have lots of options: Modular, open-source furniture will dominate interior design trends, taking the lead from Ikea’s Tom Dixon-designed Delaktig couch, which has more than 97 different configurations. Choose wisely, because you’ll be spending more time on the couch than ever: Facebook’s forthcoming living-room-geared video chat device will reportedly use smart camera technology to make people on both ends feel like they’re sitting in the same room.[It's called spying on you!]

School Buses

School Buses

From a Transportation Coordinator:

Good morning,

I share these stories with my drivers quite often as reminders to stay vigilant at all pick-ups & drop-offs. It came to me this morning that although my drivers are trained to be aware and alert and to follow actual procedures at pick-up and drop-off locations, the general public may not be privy to the information we have.

If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews that ride school buses, you may want to watch this and see a very alarming sight that  bus drivers witness every day in every town across the country and elsewhere. More alarming….cars pass us in all directions, coming toward us, coming from behind and around into oncoming traffic and possibly the most surprising are the ones that come up the right hand side of the bus when the students are stepping off the bus.

Please take a moment to talk with any parent or child that you may know that rides a bus and remind them to always pay attention to their bus driver when getting on and off the school bus. They should be making eye contact with their driver and getting a signal from them to cross when the driver can see in all directions that it is safe.

This Mom and daughter had a very close call. If not for the bus driver blowing their horn this may have ended with a tragedy.

Stay alert and stay safe everyone,

Copy and paste the link in your web browser to get to the video.

Questions Emerge Over Florida Shooter’s “Full Metal Garb”

Questions Emerge Over Florida Shooter’s “Full Metal Garb”

Just as we saw with the massacre in Las Vegas, a number of questions and inconsistencies have arisen following the Parkland High School shooting.

As Intellhub’s Shepard Ambellas reports, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Stacy Lippel was grazed by a hot bullet which left the chamber of the shooter’s gun as she closed the door to her classroom after letting a number of students file into what would presumably be safety. However, nothing could have prepared the teacher for what she was to witness next.
“I suddenly saw the shooter about twenty feet in front of me standing at the end of the hallway actively shooting down the hallway, just a barrage of bullets, and I’m staring at him thinking why are the police here,this is strange because he’s in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before,Lippel told Good Morning America last Wednesday.

The brave teacher said she told fellow Stoneman Douglas H.S. teacher Scott Beigel, 35, to get back in his room just before the shooter fired a number of rounds into his room killing him and other students. Lippel said the shooter fired four to five rounds into her classroom which shattered the classroom door window before the heavily-claded assassin continued his diabolic shooting spree down the hallway.

“I never really knew when he left because we all thought he was still here,” she said.

Two of Lippel’s students were fatally wounded in the attack.

Police maintain the suspect Nikolas Cruz arrived via an Uber ride at 2:19 p.m. and initiated his attack within 1 minute. If true, that would mean that Cruz would have had to suit up into full metal body armor, put on a full helmet and the whole nine yards, all the while assembling an AR-15 rifle which was purportedly packed into a duffel bag with a number of fully-loaded magazines.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Templeton Needs New Light and Water Commissioners

A Patent Exists To Provide Home Surveillance Using AMI Smart Meters

By Catherine J. Frompovich
AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Smart Meters (AMI SMs) are being forced on to everyone’s home, apartment, condo and businesses in the United States with total disregard for numerous legal aspects, with one specifically-egregious issue experiencing total abandonment or disregard for the U.S. Constitution, plus individuals’ rights under their respective home states’ constitutions.

Another issue I will not discuss here, but is crucial, is AMI SMs are fire hazards since most are built with plastic parts, are not grounded with surge protectors as analog meters were, and are subject to spiking sinusoidal wave activity, aka “dirty electricity”, thousands of times each day traveling over 60 Hz-rated copper wires inside home walls.  If there’s a fire caused by an AMI SM, it’s deemed to be the property owner’s fault.   Really!

So, what am I talking about?  Privacy and the right to be secure in your home!  The Search and Seizure aspects found and shielded in the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution are not being respected nor enforced by state public utility commissions and utility companies, most of who are harassing customers!
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. [1] [CJF emphasis]
Depending upon where one lives, all sorts of rhetoric are offered as to why an AMI SM must be retrofitted on to one’s utility services (electric, natural gas and water), with total disregard for what should be considered criminal actions perpetrated upon customers who refuse AMI SMs.

Note the federal government did not mandate AMI SMs in the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 [5] as they knew it would be unconstitutional and objected to!

AMI SMs are nothing but “surveillance computers”!

Let me say that again.  AMI SMs are nothing short of “surveillance computers”.  They are built and intended to

Read that again, please, and let that sink in.  Big Brother is a factual reality.  How do you like ‘them apples’?   Is that some sort of joke or mistake on this writer’s part?  No!  There’s documented proof in the way of an online published patent, which follows.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Smart Utility Meter Opt Out

Smart Utility Meter Opt Out Bills Opt To Protect Consumer Rights
TOPICS:Patricia Burke   PrivacySmart Meters

FEBRUARY 12, 2017
By Patricia Burke


Note: The compilation of state smart meter opt out bills listed below does not constitute endorsement of the bills. In some cases, the bills do not provide protection from surcharges for opting out; in some cases, they allow for the installation of a different kind of transmitting meter that is linked with adverse health effects. In many states, AMR meters have already been rolled out and are transmitting 24/7 without the knowledge and consent of residents who are not aware of their increased RF exposures, and the bills only address the future installation of smart meters. States rolling out new AMR meters are claiming that the meters are not smart, misleading citizens. An analog meter with no radio transmitter would be required to address both the privacy and health complaints.

Legislators in several states have filed bills giving customers the right to opt out of wireless smart utility meters, emphasizing privacy and customer choice.

Maine’s Senator Dave Miramant  (D) introduced LD 229, “An Act To Prohibit an Electric Utility from Charging a Customer for Using an Electromechanical Meter” with 8 co-sponsors. The bill goes before the legislature’s Energy, Utilities, & Technology Committee in February.

Missouri Rep. Tim Remole (R- Excello) prefiled House Bill 196 (HB196), which would require utilities regulated by the Public Service Commission to allow customers to choose between smart meters and traditional meters, and would prohibit utilities from disincentivizing traditional meter usage.

New York Asm. Michael DenDekker (D – East Elmhurst) introduced Assembly Bill 3066 (A3066) to allow New Yorkers to opt out of any utility company smart meter program with no penalty.
Oklahoma Rep. Scott McEachin (R) prefiled House Bill 1435 (HB1435) for the 2017 legislative session to give residential and business utility customers the right to refuse installation of smart meters.

In Michigan, according to WILX news, “Michigan lawmaker Representative Gary Glenn (R-Midland) filed a bill to waive opt out fees. The legislation would also allow home owners to self-read their meter by just taking a picture of it and sending it in. The utility could check the meter quarterly to confirm they’re not being misled.” Rep. Glenn told News10 WILX the choice should be up to the home owner. “As long as those utilities are a state privilege monopoly given the right exclusively to deliver electricity, then we are going to protect homeowners from that kind of monopoly policy,” said Rep. Glenn. “Trying to force certain technology on homeowners against their will or if they refuse to have it installed, charge them.”  “Last year Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette issued a legal opinion that utilities don’t have the authority to charge ‘opt-out’ fees. It was dismissed by the state Public Service Commission which oversees utilities.” 
In Pennsylvania, a Commonwealth Court panel has sided with ratepayer Antonio Romeo who refused to allow PECO workers onto his property to install a smart meter. The court ruled that he has the right to provide evidence that the meters are dangerous because they can catch fire.

Utility companies have leveraged support for wireless smart utility meters claiming that they are necessary to integrate renewables into the grid, that they will reduce costs, and that they will “give customers more control over their energy usage. ”

Many lawmakers and constituents have become increasingly concerned about privacy juxtaposed with the emerging surveillance capabilities of the smart grid. Opposition to AMR and smart meters has also centered around green-washing, cost, hack-ability, fires, lack of informed consent and customer choice, environmental impacts, and documented adverse health effects.
The smart meter narrative has lacked transparency regarding:
  • punitive pricing structures
  • the consumption of energy required to power the wireless networks themselves
  • the consumption of energy used for data storage
  • the raw materials required for the electronics
  • the planned obsolescence of the meters
  • lack of disclosure of installation of chips in appliances to enable communication with the grid
  • safety issues including fires
  • health damage to a portion of the population
After installing smart meters, some states have limited solar installations, reduced the compensation formula for solar producers, and attempted to surcharge solar producers for their use of the grid, casting a pall on the green energy story. Policy has favored industrial-scale solar and wind and the need for transmission lines to transmit power over long distances, rather than smaller-scale local strategies. Federal research has emphasized costly large-scale storage rather than small-scale local and less infrastructure-intensive alternatives.

FCC guidelines for RF exposure have been characterized as being 30 years out of date by the Dept. of the Interior. No premarket safety testing for chronic or cumulative exposure to the pulse modulated frequencies was conducted, and no independent health or environmental monitoring has been done.

Massachusetts Senator Michael O. Moore introduced Bill SD344: An Act relative to utilities, smart meters, and ratepayers’ rights, with 8 co-sponsors. The bill would allow ratepayers the choice of a non-transmitting analogue meter at no charge. SD344 prohibits utilities from discriminating against medically vulnerable residents whose condition may be exacerbated by exposure to pulsed microwave radio frequencies.  In addition to reported aggravation of pre-existing health conditions, the acute onset of electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been associated with smart meter installation.

Timeline of Evil

The Timeline (very large file)

Meetings the Week of February 26, 2018

Meetings the Week of February 26, 2018

Monday  2/26/18

Scout Hall                         PCS Town Hall*                  6:00 pm
BOS                                  PCS Town Hall*                  6:30 pm



Tuesday  2/27/18
Planning                         PCS Town Hall*                     6:30 pm
Elem. School                  PCS Town Hall*                    7:00 pm

Wednesday 2/28/18

BOS***                          NRHS Library                         5:30 pm
Meeting Material

Thursday 3/1/18

Cable                          PCS Town Hall*                     6:30 pm 

*** Joint Board Meeting with Phillipston Selectmen

* Pauly Cosentino Sr. Town Hall

Sunday, February 25, 2018

AMI = Smart Meters...coming to a home near YOU!

AMI = Smart Meters

From the  December 13, 2017 Templeton Municipal Light Agenda:
AMI = Smart Meters

 Some risks of Smart Meters:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Cyber Security Risks


The deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems is introducing millions of components to the electric grid that support two-way communication for next-generation grid applications. Although these systems can increase operational efficiencies and enable new capabilities such as demand-response, they also increase the attack surface for potential adversaries. Utilities must address these new cyber security risks as part of their overall enterprise risk management strategy. These strategies may include other components such as program management risk, investment risk, budgetary risk, legal liability risk, safety risk, inventory risk, or supply chain risk.

This report is intended to assist personnel responsible for cyber security in AMI deployments. The methodology presented provides a walkthrough for a process that can be used to leverage an existing body of work to assess cyber security in an AMI system. This methodology can assist in identifying vulnerabilities, threats, impacts to the AMI system, and guidance for mitigating the overall level of risk.


Rest assured that the cracker jack TMLWP Commissioners have done a thorough legal liability risk assessment before they would vote to implement Smart Meters in Templeton.

Lie Ability? Not So Smart Meters

Changes are coming to your insurance policy

February 7, 2016 4:27 PM MST 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Smart Meters? Coming to a Municipal Light Company Near YOU!

Another Smart Meter Fire—Who Really Is Liable For Damages?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Yet another AMI Smart Meter fire occurred on a Canadian house.  The smart meter damage cost the homeowner $5,000!

Listen carefully to what homeowner Kevin has to say about a power failure when you have a smart meter on your electric service.

It would be wise to turn off all appliances before the power comes back on, as the surge probably could do several damaging things: cause the meter to explode, or catch fire, or blow out and ruin household appliances—or all the above, especially those expensive ‘smart’ appliances that spy on you, which consumers seem to be addicted to, and also report back to big brother.

AMI Smart Meters are not built with surge arrestors, as the old and safe mechanical analog meters were.  Analog meters took electrical surges to ground, had no plastic parts and were made with metal and glass.

Hot sockets occur from retrofitting AMI Smart Meters onto former analog meter housings.  There can be an improper fit, which causes problems at the meter ‘jaws’ with hot sockets and arcing. [1]

Brian Thiesen explains utility companies declare meters are their property.  Try removing one and see what happens.  Utilities threaten arrest.  So, if that’s the case, shouldn’t utilities be responsible legally for all damages from AMI Smart Meters to homes and appliances?

Utilities cannot have it both ways: They own something homeowners cannot control, but when the utility company’s property (smart meter) causes damage, then it’s the homeowner’s liability.  Where are the public utility commissions, who are supposed to be working for consumers’ safety and welfare?

Are consumers aware their homeowners’ insurance policies won’t cover smart meter fires?

Cabin Fever

State Trooper Leigha Genduso: From TurtleBoy

State Trooper Leigha Genduso: Admitted Drug Dealer, Perjurer, And Tax Evader, Friends With Former MSP Colonel Marion McGovern, Dated Lt. Colonel Prior To Being Hired


Disclaimer: We know the mainstream media is going to be all over this story and attempt to pass it off on their own. We also know that we’re the only ones with the information we are about to provide. Don’t even THINK about doing that. Especially you Fox 25 News and the Turtlegram and Gazette. If you report on any of this you must cite and link this particular blog from Turtleboy. Failure to do so will result in a phone call to Attorney Richard N. Vulva. 

Earlier this year we published this blog about Massachusetts State Police Lt. Colonel Daniel Risteen, who was actively involved in both the Alli Bibaud coverup scandal, and the  Lt. Governor Tim Murray I-190 crash scandal. In the story we also divulged how he had a long time relationship with Trooper Leigha Genduso, who became a member of the MSP in 2014.

It seemed rather unprofessional that such a high ranking official could openly be dating a someone for years, and then that woman would get a highly coveted job like this.

Additionally, most state troopers when they first get on the job are sent to work in barracks far from their home. After all, someone has to work in such fabulous places as Cheshire, Russell, Athol, and Shelburne Falls, where they can do the kind of police work they signed up for – breaking up white trash domestic disputes at trailer parks in Chesterfield.

But Trooper Genduso immediately got a sweet gig on the K-9 unit:

So it didn’t take a genius to see that dating the boss seems to lead to preferential treatment in the MSP.

Many candidates who become troopers either have experience in the military or working for a municipal police department. But Trooper Genduso had no such background, and merely became a state police dispatcher in 2008:

Friday, February 23, 2018

Cabin Fever... February 24, 2018

Drink Up!

Lead Warning
 This information is from the Templeton Water Report
Why does the Templeton Water Department  put this warning in its water quality report, but refuses to publish information regarding the water fluoridation chemicals it deliberately adds to Templeton's drinking water?
Fluoride is even worse for pregnant women and young children!

State pot bank a long shot...Why not a State bank?

State pot bank a long shot

Thursday February 22, 2018

The chairman of the  Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission floated the idea of opening a state-run bank to serve marijuana businesses, but the idea faces a lot of hurdles.

Steve Hoffman, the chairman of the commission, told the Boston Globe that no local banks or credit unions are willing to provide financial services to marijuana businesses because they fear running afoul of federal laws that still consider pot an illegal drug. With pot sales scheduled to start July 1, Hoffman said the businesses may have to rely entirely on cash -- a situation that is both inconvenient and dangerous.

Hoffman's idea to sidestep federal banking oversight by opening a state-owned bank is not new. Elected officials in California are examining the idea from a legal and financial perspective with the goal of completing a report by the end of the year. And officials in Colorado and other states have also considered the idea. The administration of Gov. Charlie Baker, according to the Globe, was "cool" to the idea of a state bank catering to marijuana businesses.

A Massachusetts commission explored the possibility of opening a state-owned bank for economic development purposes in 2011 and concluded it was a bad idea. The primary concern was cost. The commission said the initial capital investment to open a state bank would be $3.6 billion.

A state-owned bank theoretically would operate like a private one, accepting deposits and issuing loans. Profits could be used to further public causes. The Bank of North Dakota, the only publicly owned bank in the country, funneled $85 million into various state government funds over the last four years.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Russian Trolls...and other things

Why Home Schooling is becoming more popular...

This Is What Extreme Security In "America's Safest School" Looks Like

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Breaking News...

Dear MoveOn member,

I'm David Pihl, a fellow MoveOn member in Haydenville, Massachusetts, and I started a petition to Governor Charlie Baker and the Massachusetts State Legislature, which says:

Charlie Baker: Remove NRA leader Ronald Amidon as Commissioner of Fish & Game and remove links on the Massachusetts state website to NRA affiliate Gun Owners Action League.
Sign David's petition

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker appointed local NRA leader Ronald Amidon as Commissioner of the Department of Fish & Game in July 2017.1,2

Amidon was president of the Gun Owners' Action League (GOAL), the NRA's state affiliate in Massachusetts. Fish & Game is now directing visitors on the state website to GOAL for more information on gun ownership.3 GOAL advocates for the repeal of our state's gun safety laws.4

The NRA's positions on gun safety DO NOT reflect the values of Massachusetts' residents. DUMP THE NRA!

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your family and friends.


–David Pihl


1. "Gun rights advocate Ronald Amidon named Massachusetts fish & game commissioner," MassLive, July 5, 2017

2. "Charlie Baker gives Fish & Game gig to gun guy," Boston Herald, July 7, 2017

3. "Gun ownership in Massachusetts,", accessed February 19, 2018

4. "NRA files lawsuit over ban on assault weapons in Mass.," The Boston Globe, January 24, 2017

You're receiving this petition because we thought it might interest you. It was created on, where anyone can start their own online petitions. You can start your own petition here.

 So I decided to start my own petition!

Subject: Support Ron Amidon !


I created a petition to The Massachusetts State House, The Massachusetts State Senate, and Governor Charlie Baker which says:

"Keep Ron Amidon as Commissioner of the Department of Fish & Game.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


Trooper alleges Worcester DA complicit in judge’s daughter case

Trooper alleges Worcester DA complicit in judge’s daughter case

Grafton budget up 5 percent...AND They have a Bond Rating!

Grafton budget up 5 percent

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Winchendon Public forum on Recreational/Medicinal Marijuana Zoning Bylaws

Town News

Town News

The Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting is Open!
The Board of Selectmen at their meeting on February 12, 2018, opened the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting.

The Warrant will close on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, at 4:30 p.m.

Articles must be submitted to the Board of Selectmen's Office and time-stamped when received.

Anyone wishing to submit an article for the Warrant must do so on or before Wednesday, February 28, 2018, at 4:30 p.m.

Nomination Papers are Available 

Nomination papers are now available for the May 7, 2018 Annual Town Election.
List of available seats

Thursday, March 15th is the last day to obtain blank nomination papers from the Town Clerk's Office.

Monday, March 19th is the last day to submit completed nomination papers to the Town Clerk's Office.

If you have any questions, please call the Town Clerk's office @ 978-894-2758.

Central Mass. towns join legal fight against Big Pharma to recover costs incurred by opioid crisis

Central Mass. towns join legal fight against Big Pharma to recover costs incurred by opioid crisis


Monday, February 19, 2018

Meetings the Week of February 19, 2018

Meetings the Week of February 19, 2018

Monday  2/19/18

Scout Hall                         PCS Town Hall*                  6:00 pm
Tuesday  2/20/18

Veterans                             Legion                                  6:30 pm

Wednesday 2/21/18

Insurance                      PCS Town Hall*                 10:30 am
Adv. Com                         PCS Town Hall*                   6:00 pm

Thursday 2/22/18
Sewer                              Reservoir St.                            4:30 pm
Cap. Planning                  PCS Town Hall*                    6:30 pm 


* Pauly Cosentino Sr. Town Hall

Lucky Dragon Restaurant in Winchendon destroyed by fire

Lucky Dragon Restaurant in Winchendon destroyed by fire

JC Holds Search of School Intruder Unconstitutional

From FB 

Commonwealth v. Villagran, 477 Mass. 711 (2017)

Please read this Milton , Massachusetts case. Decisions like this cause great frustration as Law Enforcement works to protect our citizens. We will continue to do our best to keep you safe.
JC Holds Search of School Intruder Unconstitutional: Commonwealth v. Villagran, 477 Mass. 711 (2017)
The Supreme Judicial Court (SJC), on August 29, 2017, held that a Milton police officer’s search of a suspicious individual on Milton High School grounds violated the intruder’s Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures. As a result, the evidence discovered in the search – a firearm, marijuana and approximately $3,000 in cash – should have been suppressed. The Court vacated the defendant’s convictions for carrying a firearm without a license, carrying a dangerous weapon on school grounds, disturbing a school, and possession of a class D substance with intent to distribute, and remanded the case for further proceedings.

The facts below showed that 19-year old Jonathan Villagran of Watertown, MA, gained access to Milton High School approximately five minutes before dismissal on March 25, 2015, by claiming he needed to use the bathroom, then misrepresenting that he was a student named “Cruz” who wished to access his locker. When an administrative aide became suspicious, the suspect immediately departed the building claiming he had left his car running. After observing the suspect on surveillance cameras pacing the parking lot, the aide alerted the principal and vice principal who went out to speak to the suspect. Villagran said he was there to meet a girl. The principal and vice principal detected an odor of marijuana and observed Villagran’s red, glassy eyes. They asked the suspect to come inside; Villagran agreed. They also contacted the Milton Police Department.

Upon arrival, Milton Police Sergeant Kristen Murphy noted that the school administrators appeared upset. She entered the conference room where the suspect was waiting and immediately detected a strong odor of marijuana. Villagran, seated at the conference room table, appeared nervous. His knees were shaking. Sgt. Murphy asked Villagran to stand up; he complied. She then patfrisked him and recovered a large bag of what appeared to be marijuana and a “wad” of money from the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt. She then “patted down” the outside of the suspect’s backpack and felt something hard. Upon searching the backpack, Sgt. Murphy found a bottle of alcohol, more money, a pair of sneakers and a pistol. She then placed Villagran in handcuffs and read him his rights. The principal ordered the school placed on lockdown, where it remained for approximately two hours. Sgt. Murphy radioed for all available Milton police officers to respond. Approximately twenty officers were dispatched to the school.

Patfrisk and Backpack Search Violate Fourth Amendment Rights

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hemp for Victory !

Hemp for Victory

Kentucky Farmers Grow Hemp 

 Rope, fabric, oil, seeds, medicinal... bad stuff.

Only complete protein that could grow in our climate! Think TDC growing hemp. 

Need Revenue? Start Here!

What a concept! Your Opinion Counts!

Looks like our neighbor to the north, is being proactive. Good for them! Probably more revenue to be gained from Marijuana than impementing the Meals Tax or logging timber on town property. 





"Russians Did Not Alter The Outcome Of The Elections":

"Russians Did Not Alter The Outcome Of The Elections": Highlights From Rosenstein's Press Conference 

2 defendants allegedly traveled to US in 2014 to collect intelligence for American influence operations, Rosenstein says; in order to hide Russian origins, they allegedly purchased space on computer servers in US in order to set up virtual private network

"The [Russian] defendants allegedly used that infrastructure to establish hundreds of accounts on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, making it appear those accounts were controlled by persons located in the United States,"

"The Russians "also recruited & paid real Americans to engage in political activities, promote political campaigns & stage political rallies...according to the indictment, the Americans did not know they were communicating with Russians"

"Have you had any assurances by the Russians that they will provide these individuals for prosecution?"
Rosenstein: "We have no communications with the Russians about this. We will follow the ordinary process of seeking cooperation and extradition."