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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Action Plan

Action Plan

I read this statement after the executive session on May 27th.

Action Plan

Now that ATM has dissolved, the BOS and the town administrator have their work cut out. I believe it is imperative that we as a board try to identify ANY and ALL sources of revenue and savings for FY 15, which begins on July 1st.

Laundry list of items –

Investigate the possibility of a waiver of Templeton’s minimum contribution as set forth in the provisions of Chapter 38 section 71 of the Acts of 2013.

Once the state budget is voted, review and pursue any reduction in regional transportation costs from both NRSD and Monty Tech.

Negotiate a contract with Light and Water to process payroll and vendor warrants. Neither light nor water budgets have been appropriated at town meeting. The BOS authorization to sign payroll and vendor warrants comes from the votes at town meeting that approve budgets. As it currently stands, we have no authorization to sign light and water payroll and vendor warrants.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tax Title Property Auction

Tax Title Property Auction

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts 
Town of Templeton  
To Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified that:
Under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 60 §77B, and by virtue of the power vested in me as Tax Title Custodian, it is my intention to sell at public auction on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 10:00 o’clock A.M. in the conference room of the Templeton Town Offices, 690 Patriots Road, Templeton, MA, 01468; the following described parcels, Titles to which have been foreclosed by a Decree from the Land Court and vested in the Town of Templeton: 

PARCEL 1~ Parcel ID: 1-3-1.76 ~ Location: 17 River Road
About 7,405 square feet (.17 acres) of land at 17 River Road, Templeton, Massachusetts being described at Map 1-3-1, Parcel 76.0 in the office of the Assessors and identified in Book 6319 on Page 320 at the County Registry of Deeds in the County of Worcester. *Subsequent Deed in Book 22655, Page 084.
MINIMUM BID $2,500.00 

PARCEL 2 ~ Parcel ID: 5-12.36 ~ Location: Turner Lane
About 2.12 acres being described as parcel 5-12 36 in the office of the assessors, Town of Templeton identified in Book 15463, Page 235, Worcester Registry of Deeds.
MINIMUM BID $2,500.00 

Narragansett Historical Society Annual Meeting

Narragansett Historical Society Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Narragansett Historical Society of Templeton will be held Wednesday, May 28th at 7 pm. It will be held at Historical Society's museum on the common . Officers will be elected. Members will have a chance to see the fresh paint job and new shelves installed in the Document Room during the winter.

The mission of the Narragansett Historical Society is to collect, preserve and interpret Templeton's rich history for present and future generations. It is headquartered in a former store and tavern that was built of English brick about 1810 by John W Stiles, a trader. 

The museum is open on Saturdays during the summer. Afternoon teas are scheduled in the tranquil backyard garden July 12, Aug. 2 and Aug 16th. For more information visit :

Quick update on 5/27/14/ BOS Meeting

Quick update on 5/27/14/ BOS Meeting

After the pledge, a moment of silence was held for John Davis.

Bob Markel presented the Town Administrator Report
The highlights include: The sale of foreclosed properties on Thursday May 29th; bid opening for 252 Baldwinville Rd; and beginning talks with TMLWP to discuss vendor warrants, payroll services, dispatch services a PILOT payment or in kind service. These talks will continue on June 10th.

A common victualler license was approved and signed for the Great Wall of China on 5 Central St. in Baldwinville.

The BOS formally accepted the bids for East Templeton for the boiler and roof. It is good to see this project continue.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meetings 5/27/14 – 5/29/14

Meetings 5/27/14 – 5/29/14

Tuesday 5/27/14

MRPC                               Fitchburg                     9:30 am

BOS                                 690 Patriots Rd              6:30 pm

MRPC                               Fitchburg                     7:00 pm

Wednesday 5/28/14

Assessors                           School St                      2:00 pm
Adv. Board                        690 Patriots Rd              6:30 pm

Thursday 5/29/14

Senior Center                     Bridge St.                     6:30 pm

Monday, May 26, 2014

2 ejected from contentious Templeton town meeting

2 ejected from contentious Templeton town meeting


TEMPLETON — Residents wrapped up a three-day town meeting Wednesday night, but not before two people were tossed from the hall.

Voters approved an article prohibiting selectmen from serving on any governmental boards, committees or commissions of which the town is a member, but either took no action or defeated all other articles left on the warrant for the third day of town meeting.

Voters also amended an article, first approved Monday, allowing the town to seek special legislation to address the town deficit. It was pointed out by town counsel that the earlier wording could result in selectmen being held personally liable for certain expenditures.

Memorial Day Observances


Memorial Day Observances

On Monday May 26, 2014 the American Legion Post 373 Honor Guard will visit The following memorials:
Otter River at 9 am
East Templeton at 9:15 am
Templeton Center at 9:30 am

The parade will begin promptly at 10:00 am leaving the Narragansett School and marching to Baldwinville Center, where the Memorial Service  will be held once all parade participants have arrived.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fluoridation Hearing in Newburyport‏

Fluoridation Hearing in Newburyport‏

MAY 23, 2014

Dear Julie:
City council members in Newburyport, Massachusetts will be considering the issue of water fluoridation at their next meeting this upcoming Tuesday, May 27.  The town has been adding sodium fluoride to the drinking water since 1969, and currently serves 17,500 residents.  However, citizens and local health professionals have recently asked the council to review and discontinue the fluoridation program.  Their request has been placed on the council agenda and all members of the public will be given an opportunity to speak whether or not they live in Newburyport. 

After hearing from the public the council will decide if the issue should be studied by a committee, so please attend and express your opposition if you live nearby:    

What: Public comment on ending fluoridation

When: 7:30 PM on Tuesday, May 27

Where: City Council chambers, City Hall, 60 Pleasant St., Newburyport (See map: Google Maps)

If you cannot attend the hearing but would like to communicate your opposition to fluoridation to council members, please feel free to submit written testimony (council contact info). 

Whether your testimony is in person or via email, please keep it relatively brief, polite, and health-based.  Below are links to resources that may be helpful:

10 Facts About Fluoride
Three Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation
Who Opposes Fluoridation?
A Response to Pro-Fluoridation Claims
50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
Fluoride Action Network

Friday, May 23, 2014

General Manager Driscoll scapegoats Julie Farrell for his own incompetence.

General Manager Driscoll scapegoats Julie Farrell for his own incompetence.

Former school slated to become new town office

Former school slated to become new town office

Eryn Dion
News Staff Writer

TEMPLETON — Residents approved the appropriation of $195,000 from the town’s Community Preservation accounts to be used towards the former East Templeton Elementary School at Monday night’s Annual Town Meeting session — setting the stage for the building to become the new town office headquarters effective July 1.

After receiving word of an anticipated rent increase for the space currently being leased by the town for town offices at 690 Patriots Road, the Board of Selectmen began exploring their options, eventually settling on the discontinued school building as their new home.

“It’s a good, solid building,” said Selectmen Doug Morrison. “It served our community well for 100 years. It can continue to serve the community for another 100 years.”

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Andrews talks collaboration, moving forward in Templeton

Andrews talks collaboration, moving forward in Templeton

Eryn Dion
News Staff Writer
News staff photo by ERYN DION

Rep. Denise Andrews, D-Orange, meets with Templeton residents at Country Mischief Sunday afternoon during a meet-and-greet stop

TEMPLETON — State Rep. Denise Andrews, D-Orange, greeted Templeton residents and town officials like old friends during her meet-and-greet at Country Mischief Sunday afternoon — asking how they were doing and most importantly, what they needed.

Rep. Andrews was on hand for Saturday’s Annual Town Meeting and said she has met with department heads and the Board of Selectmen to help Templeton transition through its financial crisis and stay on the right path.

“One of the most important things to do is encourage people and support them when they’re doing good work,” she said. “And when they’re not, try to course correct them and hold them accountable.”

For the town, Rep. Andrews said she is working with Council on Aging Director Bethany Loveless to secure $200,000 to help complete the construction of the new senior center, as well as $50,000 to help Fire Chief Raymond LaPorte replace and update his department’s equipment.

A Comment Worth Re-reading

A Comment Worth Re-reading

The following article is from Denise Andrews' FB page:


Through a budget amendment passed by the Massachusetts House of Representatives, the Chapter 70 Foundation Budget Review Commission will be revived for the first time since 2001. The commission, designed to perform a systematic review of the state’s funding formula for education, will be tasked with thoroughly analyzing state education spending and determining whether current funding is adequate and used efficiently.

If also approved by the Senate and signed by Governor Patrick, the measure would bring together key legislators with representatives of associations of school committees, superintendents, teachers, parent-teacher organizations, and regional and vocational schools, to examine and make recommendations for legislation to improve the way in which school foundation budgets are calculated.

May Annual Town Meeting is Dissolved

May Annual Town Meeting is Dissolved

For better or worse the May Annual Town meeting has been dissolved. Passing over articles  and hand counts were the norm for most articles…until the moderator changed the rules. People were ejected from town meeting by the moderator.

There was a motion to reconsider Article 31 –Special Act for Fiscal 2014 General Fund Deficit. The wording of the special act was amended.

Annual Town meeting will still be held on Saturday. A plea was made to coordinate with ALL town departments (that remain) and entities to ensure no other activities would be scheduled for that Saturday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

White House honors Justin Richard

White House honors Justin Richard

Eryn Dion
News Staff Writer

TEMPLETON — On May 8, Cindy Richard of Templeton watched from her classroom in Worcester with her students as her son Justin Richard  crossed a gold-backed stage at the White House to accept an award from First Lady Michelle Obama on behalf of the Mystic Aquarium.

“It was a moment that I couldn’t imagine,” Ms. Richard said. “A small town boy from Templeton talking and conversing with the First Lady at the White House.”

Growing up in Baldwinville and graduating from Narragansett High School, Mr. Richard never imagined his interests would ever lead him to the White House.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have the support and opportunities to make this happen,” he said.

Courtesy Photo

Justin Richard, left, accepts an award on behalf of Mystic Aquarium along with Aquarium President and CEO Dr. Stephen M. Coan, middle, from First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House in early May.

Background for Article 42

Background for Article 42

The composition of the Narragansett Regional School District School Committee is comprised of 8 elected members- 5 members from Templeton and 3 members from Phillipston. The budget documentation presented by the Superintendent of Schools indicates that Templeton’s enrollment for FY 15 is 82.35%. Templeton school committee members are 5/8ths, which is about 62.5% of the membership of the school committee…significantly lower than than 82.35% student population from Templeton.

Currently, Templeton is now assessed and taxed for its school assessment (80%) without full representation on the school committee based on 80%.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ATM Articles 35 & 36

ATM Articles 35 & 36

It is hoped that Templeton Residents will support articles 35 and 36 involving water fluoridation in the Town of Templeton.  
Article 35 concerns placing a warning on water bills about fluorosis risk that fluoride poses to infants. The warning is as followed:

“Your public water supply is fluoridated.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if your child under the age of 6 months is exclusively consuming infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water, there may be an increase chance of dental fluorosis.  Consult your child’s health care provider for more information. 

Pediatrian Dr. Yoland Whyte gives a quick update:  

It was estimated when water fluoridation began in the late forties that the rate of dental fluorosis would stay below ten percent of those drinking fluoridated water.  The current rate of dental fluorosis is forty one percent.  Here is more on dental fluorosis.

Voters pass school budget, CPA funding

Voters pass school budget, CPA funding

Eryn Dion
News Staff Writer

TEMPLETON — Voters at Monday night’s second session of Annual Town Meeting approved the appropriation of $5,130,328 for Templeton’s share of the Narragansett Regional School District budget as well as $195,000 from Community Preservation funds for repairs at the former East Templeton Elementary School.

The school budget amount represented a $145,000 increase over the previous year, the bulk of which — according to officials — represented the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education raising the town’s minimum contribution.

“Templeton is under effort by about $700,000,” explained Superintendent Ruth Miller. “The state’s Department of Education is trying to get you up to where you need to be.”

So much for détente

So much for détente

If you were unable to attend the continuation of the ATM last night, I’ll fill you in briefly. The “nuclear option”, as well as the threat of the “nuclear option” [603 CMR 41.05 ] is alive and well in Templeton.

The nuclear option will continue to be used against the Town of Templeton by the Narragansett School Committee. No compromise.

To the furloughed and laid off town employees in Templeton, the attempt was made to secure funds for your return. The search for funds will continue.

My opinions…supported by FACTS ! ! !

Julie Farrell

E.T. ... now home

Good News! CPC money to repair the roof, the drainage and to replace the boiler at East Templeton Elementary School was approved last night.

If you have time, please take a moment to fill out the survey above. It will help to organize volunteers. The information collected will be transferred to my gmail account.

If you would prefer, contact me directly at or 978-340-2503.

Thank you

Julie Farrell



Yesterday, the Senate Ways and Means Committee released a $36.25 billion state budget recommendation that will be debated by the full Senate next week. The SW&M budget local aid highlights include:

• INCREASE OF $25M FOR UNRESTRICTED GENERAL GOVERNMENT AID (UGGA) – the same increase passed by the House, and $25M more than recommended by the Governor

• INCREASE OF $99.5M FOR CHAPTER 70 – the same level of funding passed by the House and recommended by the Governor

• INCREASE OF $18.7M FOR REGIONAL SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION REIMBURSEMENTS – an impressive 36% boost that would fund this key reimbursement account at 90% of full funding, which is $16.7M more than the House budget, and $18.7M more than in the Governor’s budget

• INCREASE OF $7.9M FOR THE SPECIAL EDUCATION CIRCUIT-BREAKER PROGRAM TO ENSURE FULL FUNDING – the SW&M recommendation is $7.9M more than in the Governor’s budget, and the House budget increases funding with a slightly different number that is also intended to fully fund the program

Monday, May 19, 2014

Templeton voters approve $1M in cuts

Templeton voters approve $1M in cuts


TEMPLETON — Faced with a financial mess and no other good options, voters at the annual town meeting Saturday approved cutting more than $1 million total in services from the current and next fiscal year town budgets. 

At the annual town meeting in Narragansett Middle School auditorium, voters approved a fiscal 2015 town budget that reflected a $505,000 cut in services for the year that begins July 1. At a special town meeting held within the annual meeting, voters also approved reducing the current year's budget by $505,000 to eliminate a deficit. 

Acting Town Administrator Robert D. Markel told voters the cuts for the current year were not a pleasant option and will decimate town services between when they were approved and July 1. He said the option was necessary. 

"This is the bottom," he said. "If we can do this and accept these reductions, the town can begin the slow process of climbing out. I don't know of any other strategy that would void a catastrophic problem of defaulting on our bills." 

Mr. Markel told voters that several different plans were considered but after voters rejected an override to close the gap at the annual town meeting, it was decided to seek cuts of about $505,000 from this year and about $530,000 from next year's budget. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

On behalf of...

On Behalf of…

In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to share the email chain that spurred my intention to request a substitute motion for Templeton’s NRSD assessment:

From:            Julie Farrell (
Sent:            Sat 5/17/14 11:07 AM
To:   (; Templeton, MA Advisory Board (; Kent Songer (; Luanne Royer (; (; Richard Curtis (; Building Inspector Templeton (; Templeton Cemetery Dept. (; Linda McClure (; John Caplis (; (; Joshua Koziol (; John Columbus (; Kate Myers (; Dave Whitaker (; Board of Health (; Tax collector Templeton (; COADirector (; Kenn Robinson (; Bud Chase (; Town Clerk (; Kirk mMoschetti (; townadministrator (; Kate Myers (; Doug Morrison (; Diane Haley Brooks (; Board of health Templeton (; Boyton Public Library (; HighwayDept (; planning Templeton (
Cc:            Ruth Miller (

In light of this information, I will be making a substitute motion for the NRSD assessment of $5,030,328. This is a reduction of $100,000.


"I really didn't realize the librarians were, you know, such a dangerous group. ... You think they're just sitting at the desk, all quiet and everything. They're like plotting the revolution, man. I wouldn't mess with them." ---Michael Moore

Julie Farrell                               

This just in ...from Diane Haley Brooks FB page

This just in ...from Diane Haley Brooks FB page

BREAKING NEWS! Julie Farrell is planning on submitting a substitute motion to lower the school district assessment. This will constitute a NO vote on the budget and the PROCESS will begin again like what happened last year.

The reason the school budget is up is because the town of Templeton is "under effort" and the state is in effect punishing us by handing down an amount of this year $129,000 to help us catch up with the $800,000 that we are not paying towards the school assessment.

Below is what the state law says must happen:

(2) Initial Action by the Local Appropriating Authorities
(a)The budget as adopted by the regional school committee and the member's assessment as certified by the treasurer of the regional school district, shall be placed before each local appropriating authority for its consideration. Notwithstanding provisions in the regional agreement to the contrary, approval of the budget shall require an affirmative vote of the appropriating authorities of two-thirds of the members. A vote by the local appropriating authority to appropriate the member's assessment shall constitute approval of the regional school district's budget. The use of the alternate assessment method shall require the approval of all of the members; such approval may be given by a separate vote of the appropriating authority, or if a separate vote is not taken, approval of a budget or assessment based on the alternate method shall be deemed approval of the method.
(b)If a local appropriating authority votes to appropriate a lower amount than the assessment as certified by the treasurer of the regional school district, such vote shall not constitute approval of the budget as submitted by the regional school committee. The regional school committee may consider such votes when it reconsiders the budget pursuant to 603 CMR 41.05(3).
(c)Approval of a budget based on the alternative assessment method shall be reported to the commissioner on the district's end of year financial returns.

  • Diane Haley Brooks, Selectwoman I wasn't looking for any rude comments that was not my intention. There are more than just parents/guardians that believe with a good school system that is funded properly we attract new people to move to town, thus increasing the tax base. We do not have the funds to go through this whole budget process again. Also, Let's have a conversation with the Superintendent and the School Committee and not just bust their budget. Let's start doing what the Dept Heads in our town should have been doing all these years ~ we need to utilize them as they are a valuable resource on a daily basis.
  • Erin Imbriani Davis She is unbelievable!! Why do people keeping voting her in?!?! Shame on her!!!

Templeton Board forced to make additional cuts

Templeton Board forced to make additional cuts

Emergency meeting held to slash another $60K from budget
Eryn Dion
News Staff Writer

TEMPLETON — Just one day before Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen in an emergency meeting Friday night were forced to carve an additional $60,000 out of the current year’s operating budget already devastated by a series of drastic cuts enacted last week.

The news came after the Department of Revenue refused to allow the town to count $60,000 from the Assessor’s overlay as income from the town.

“We now have to make $60,000 worth of additional cuts between now and the end of the fiscal year,” explained Chairman Kenn Robinson.

With many department budgets already down to bare bones or, in Highway Superintendent Francis “Bud” Chase’s case, “inside the bone” – the Advisory Board and Town Administrator Bob Markel were left with few options in how to proceed.

“Some departments likely have to shut down all together because we can’t come up with the $60,000 any other way,” said Mr. Robinson.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Meet & Greet at The Country Mischief

Meet & Greet at The Country Mischief 

Representative Denise Andrews (D-Orange) invites you and your family and friends to attend the upcoming Meet & Greet at The Country Mischief in Templeton this Sunday, 5/18, from 3-4:30pm.

This is a wonderful way to learn about the progress being made in our district and to engage on issues and ideas that you want addressed for our communities’ progress.

 “I am looking forward to once again meeting as many people as possible throughout the next several months. I am interested in earning your vote to continue to represent this wonderful district. I would like to hear from you on your thoughts on what is working and what needs to still be addressed,” shared Representative Andrews. “It is important I believe to keep continuity in this role as we advance projects and progress together. We together are building a better future for individuals, families and businesses in our district. Please attend one or many of the upcoming meet and greets and hear what work is being accomplished and to share with me your ideas and perspectives.”

If able, please bring a non-perishable food item; they will be donated to local food banks.

All are welcome!  Light refreshments provided.

You can, also, learn more about Representative Denise Andrews on her website 

The Second Franklin District is made up of the following communities:

Athol, Belchertown (A), Erving, Gill, New Salem, Orange, Petersham, Phillipston, Royalston, Templeton, Warwick and Wendell.

Please vote in the Primary Election on September 9th and in the General Election on November 4th. Thank you.

The Necessity of FY14 Budget Cuts

The Necessity of FY14 Budget Cuts

State intervention has proven to no longer be a feasible option.
·       The DOR will only loan us $350,000 not the full $505,000 shortfall
o   Budget cuts will still be necessary
·       Deficit legislation will be a slow process
o   This process will holdup setting the tax rate, therefore delaying the mailing of tax bills
·       Due to the inability to set the tax rate thus far, the town has a cash flow problem which jeopardizes payroll and a bond payment due June 15th 
·       We must avoid default on the June 15th bond payment at all costs

In an effort to steer clear of default, solve our cash flow problem, and avoid unnecessary state intervention the Department Heads and Advisory Board proposed enough budget cuts to balance the FY14.  The Selectboard implemented these cuts, and passage of STM Article 1 resolves the issues state intervention cannot. 

A $350,000 DOR loan will:
·       Make Templeton the first town to require this type of stigmatized intervention
·       Lower our property values even lower
·       Further lower our bond rating making it more difficult to borrow money in the future 
·       Jeopardize the new elementary school building project due to reduced credit and increased debt.  This ultimately wastes the $500,000 feasibility study that was just approved at the ballot 
·       Add $80,000 in debt payments to the town budget for the next 5 years – pushing the problem forward
o   This includes $50,000 in interest over the 5 years
·       Put in place an additional level of bureaucracy, requiring approval of even routine expenditures, slowing town operation to a crawl
·       Give the DOR the right to make future reductions in town services without town input

A $350,000 DOR loan will not:
·       Bring in a DOR overseer or control board – We are not a big enough municipality 
·       Change our policies and procedures 
·       “Clean House,” mandate a change in BOS or town officials  
·       Cause a review of our financial records or require any additional auditing  
·       Cover the entirety of our $505,000 budget shortfall – department cuts will still be necessary
·       Solve the current cash flow issued as it will delay setting a tax rate

Regardless of whether STM Article 1 passes or fails, we will not be spending the funds that the Selectboard has approved as cuts.  However, the DOR will only consider FY14’s budget as balanced if STM Article 1 passes today.  This means that the cuts will stand without the intended benefit of stopping state intervention. 

In addition, The Selectboard, Advisory Board, and the Department Heads all worked together to achieve a balanced FY15 budget.  Due to the given budget limitations it was a tedious process, which required concessions from everyone involved.  We succeeded and have a balanced FY15 budget to present today that all three groups agree upon.  However, if we deal with the FY14 shortfall via a loan, thus extending the deficit over the next 5 years, we will have to take the balanced FY15 budget and find an additional $80,000 worth of cuts.  

Up until now, both the FY14 cuts and the balancing of the FY15 budget has been a decision making process with input from the Selectboard, Advisory Board, and the Department Heads.  If the state intervenes, the necessary $585,000 in cuts to be made in FY15 (and over the next 5 years) will be made by the DOR.  No one knows what services, employees, and/or departments the DOR may choose to reduce or eliminate. 

Passage of the Selectboard’s FY14 budget cuts is critical to our recovery.

Pass STM Article 1 enabling ATM Article 31 to be tabled and
allow us all to move forward as we continue to work toward stability.