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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Putin Claims U.S. Intelligence Agents Funneled $400 Million To Clinton Campaign

Putin Claims U.S. Intelligence Agents Funneled $400 Million To Clinton Campaign

Big Pharma & The Rise Of Gangster Capitalism... More reason to use medical cannabis!

Big Pharma & The Rise Of Gangster Capitalism

Monday, July 16, 2018

Templeton is number 20!

The 50 least educated towns and cities in Massachusetts

Meetings the Week of July 16, 2018

Meetings the Week of July 16, 2018
Tuesday   7/17/18
ZBA                             PCS Town Hall*                     6:30 pm
Thursday 7/12/18
Elem. Disposal              Bald. Elem. School               5:30 pm
* Pauly Cosentino Sr. Town Hall

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Scientific American confirms: Atrazine herbicide is a “sex-changing weed killer” that turns male frogs GAY

Scientific American confirms: Atrazine herbicide is a “sex-changing weed killer” that turns male frogs GAY

Image: Scientific American confirms: Atrazine herbicide is a “sex-changing weed killer” that turns male frogs GAY

(Natural News) A scientific study has reaffirmed that a popular weedkiller manufactured by Syngenta and used on crop fields all across the United States is so damaging to the endocrine system that it can actually turn natural-born males into females.

Published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the paper by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) exposed to just 2.5 parts per billion (ppb) of atrazine for three years – a level below the 3 ppb allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in human drinking water – ended up losing their maleness and becoming chemically castrated.

Of the 40 frogs that were included as part of the experiment, 30 could no longer reproduce after 36 months of exposure to atrazine. Meanwhile, four of the frogs actually turned from male to female, and proceeded to mate with other males and successfully produce viable eggs – even though they were all born as natural males at the beginning of the study.

Only six of the 40 frogs were in any way normal at the conclusion of the study, suggesting an 85 percent damage rate resulting from exposure to atrazine at levels below what the federal government has deemed as “safe” for humans.

Just to be sure that the results weren’t erroneous, the researchers made sure to use male frogs with only ZZ sex chromosomes, meaning they couldn’t possibly have been hermaphrodites at the study’s outset. All 40 of the frogs were, in fact, males, and no other factor besides the atrazine, at least as far as this particular study is concerned, could have impacted their transitions from male to female.

“If we got hermaphrodites, there was no way to know if they were males with ovaries or females with testes,” stated biologist and study author Tyrone Hayes. “By using all ZZ males, we were assured that any hermaphrodites or females were indeed sex-reversed males.”

Atrazine causes the body to produce more female hormones like estrogen

Atrazine, which is currently sprayed on millions of acres of U.S. cropland to control grass weeds, seems to conversely spur the growth of a protein known as aromatase that causes the body to produce more female hormones such as estrogen. In frogs, excess aromatase can lead to male gonads turning into female ovaries.

Mac and Cheese Festival

Mac and Cheese Festival

Friday, July 13, 2018

Clown Show Part II

7/13/2018 10:14:00 AM
Fortes calls for change
Says loss of workers shows selectmen must get involved
‘Whether it is intentional or not this board has expressed apathy towards its residents, employees and businesses ...’
— Cameron Fortes, Templeton selectman

Chance Viles
News Staff Writer

TEMPLETON - Board of Selectmen Vice Chairman Cameron Fortes openly called for reform within the board at a meeting earlier this week, citing apathy as a reason for the loss of Municipal Man­agement Fellow Eric Pollitt, among other staff losses.

At the close of the meeting, Fortes read a letter stating his disappointment in the Board of Selectmen for not being as active in making sure Pollitt stayed in town, as Pollitt was slated to be the next town manager after Town Administrator Carter Terenzini’s term expires in October.

Fortes said that with Terenzini serving somewhat as the human resources department as well as the hiring/firing power, it left little room for people like Pollitt or other town employees and volunteers to vocalize their issues with the town, possibly driving them away.

Fortes also brought up the high turnover rate within town government, citing the loss of Pollitt, Depart­ment of Public Works Director Alan Mayo, as well as the assistant town ac­­countant.

“The apathy that this board has shown to the recent resignation of (Pollitt) is clear and present,” Fortes said. “This plan (to train Pollitt for an administrative position) was brought forth by (Terenzini) and the board accepted his proposal. This is by no means a reflection of Carter’s plan as a failure, to which it may have been successful under different circumstances.”

Fortes claims he tried to schedule a meeting to discuss options on replacing Pollitt and eventually Terenzini, but it never came to fruition.

Fortes also went on to say that he does not believe the reason given for Pollitt’s resignation, which was finding a job closer to home, was the true reason he had left, saying rather Pollitt may have left because he did not see a future in Templeton, and was dissatisfied with the work he was given.

“Currently, we don’t have (human resources) so we don’t have any way to determine why our employees resigned aside from the words of our town administrator,” Fortes said. “I am not suggesting (mishandling of personnel) was the case with either (Pollitt) or the assistant town accountant but there is a risk it could have been and with that comes a legitimate possibility. ... If there was an HR director we would have reasonable evidence to support a claim for or against mishandling of … personnel.”

It should be noted that Templeton has never had a human resources department.

Clown Show!

Can't Fix Stupid!


Here’s how fluoride destroys your health in obvious, and not so obvious, ways

Here’s how fluoride destroys your health in obvious, and not so obvious, ways

Image: Here’s how fluoride destroys your health in obvious, and not so obvious, ways

(Natural News) Few people realize just how far-reaching the effects of long-term exposure to fluoride can be. Dental fluorosis may be the most obvious manifestation of fluoride damage as it discolors and pits people’s teeth, but much of the other harm it causes is not as easy to see and is often blamed on something else. Here’s a look at a few of the ways in which fluoride destroys your health.

Cognitive and IQ problems

Many people feel fluoridated water is a big reason for the general “dumbing down” of society we’ve seen in recent years. It makes sense when you consider that fluoride is a neurotoxin and 50 human studies have linked exposure to it with lower intelligence.

It affects people of all ages, with fetal brain development also suffering from fluoride exposure. One study from Harvard Medical School linked elevated levels of fluoride to lowered IQs in children. Other studies have found that it can cause memory impairments and even brain damage.

Higher risk of heart disease

Because so much fluoride accumulates in the aorta, your heart can be affected by it significantly. Fluoride leads to oxidative stress and an inflammatory response, spurring atherosclerosis and heart damage. In addition, fluoride in ground water has been linked to high blood pressure and a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

Male infertility

Silent killers: Cordless phones show dangerously high radiation readings

Silent killers: Cordless phones show dangerously high radiation readings

Image: Silent killers: Cordless phones show dangerously high radiation readings

(Natural News) The idea of taking in a killer is unthinkable. But that’s what most of us are doing every time we plug in our cordless phones. In a video, Neil from EMF Safety Zone demonstrated first-hand the danger that people are exposed to when cordless phones are present in the house.

In the video, a high frequency (HF) analyzer and the radio frequency (RF) meter were used to determine the amount of electromagnetic field (EMF) present before and after a cordless phone was plugged in and turned on. When the phone was turned on, the reading from the HF analyzer recorded average exposure values of more than 2,000 microwatts per square meter (µW/m2), which indicates elevated non-thermal radiation levels. In terms of signal strength, the RF meter noted a peak value of six volts per meter (V/m). In a report by the BioInitiative Working Group, the safety limit for power density, or the amount of energy in a given space, should not exceed 0.04 V/m.

“This is incredibly dangerous,” Neil points out in the video.

The video also revealed how this isn’t contained in an isolated area. The phone was set up in the office, but the RF readings were seen throughout the house. At the farthest end of the house, the RF meter still detected a peak strength of at least 0.10 V/m, despite walls separating the area.
Watch the full episode here, from

In the same room as a killer

Neil also talked about how the usual setup of putting a cordless phone by the bedside is a potentially dangerous move. Based on the values from the video, a person sleeping with a cordless phone on their nightstand is exposed to peak values of up to 0.70 V/m. Basically, this means that he will be saturated with RF radiation all night as he sleeps.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

New York and Pennsylvania Governors Support Hemp with Banking Guidance

New York and Pennsylvania Governors Support Hemp with Banking Guidance

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day there is a some more good news to celebrate with hemp. Banking has been challenging for many in the hemp industry. NHA has been working closely with the administrations in NY and PA to encourage them to help with this issue. True to their word, both Governor Cuomo of NY and Governor Wolf of PA issued guidance to banks in support of the hemp industry.

Below is the release from Governor Cuomo:

For Immediate Release: 7/3/2018

Governor Directs Department of Financial Services to Encourage New York State-Chartered Banks and Credit Unions to Provide Banking Services for New York's
Regulated Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Businesses
DFS Will Not Impose Regulatory Action on Any New York State-Chartered Bank or Credit Union for Establishing a Banking Relationship with a Medical Marijuana-Related Business That Complies with Federal and State Laws
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced further action to support the development of medical marijuana and industrial hemp businesses in New York, directing the Department of Financial Services to provide guidance to support the safe and sound provision of banking services for these businesses. The DFS guidance issued today encourages New York State chartered banks and credit unions to consider establishing banking relationships with medical marijuana-related businesses that are operating in New York in full compliance with all applicable New York State laws and regulations, including the New York Compassionate Care Act, and the applicable regulations and requirements of the New York State Department of Health. Today's guidance also encourages New York State-chartered banks and credit unions to support the development of industrial hempbusinesses statewide, continuing this significant economic development goal of New York State.
"The ability to establish a banking relationship is a challenge that legal industries face unlike no other," Governor Cuomo said. "As the federal government continues to sow discord surrounding the medical marijuana and industrial hemp businesses, New York has made significant progress in creating a supportive economic development and regulatory landscape for these companies."
"While the federal government ignores the reality of the benefits of medical marijuana and industrial hemp, New York has supported the development of the industry and advanced our agricultural economy," said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. "We're cutting the red tape and removing regulatory barriers to support businesses in the legal cannabis industry. Today's action to encourage banking relationships will go a long way to assist this emerging sector of our economy."
Healthcare and patient care are fields that are traditionally regulated by states. In recognition of the demonstrable medical benefits of marijuana, New York has taken a compassionate approach to patient care. The state has considered the findings of respected medical practitioners and researchers, as well as the reports of patients in need of medical marijuana's unique properties, in enacting legislation that allows treatment options to seriously ill individuals. The New York Compassionate Care Act signed by Governor Cuomo in 2014 provides patients suffering debilitating symptoms and diseases access to medical marijuana, under strict requirements regulated by the Department of Health. 
In addition, under Governor Cuomo, New York has recognized the economic development opportunity for farmers and businesses across the state, by permitting the cultivation of industrial hemp. Governor Cuomo signed legislation in 2017 to amend New York law to ensure that industrial hemp will be considered an agricultural product and that it will be treated the same way as other crops and seed. 
The Department of Financial Services is aware that the unsettled environment at the federal level has discouraged institutions from providing financial services to companies with medical marijuana or industrial hemp operations. Because marijuana currently is still listed on Schedule I under the Federal Controlled Substances Act, medical marijuana and industrial hemp-related businesses operating in accordance with New York State laws and regulations continue to have difficulty establishing banking relationships at regulated financial institutions. 

Charlton residents sue selectmen over pot farm vote

Charlton residents sue selectmen over pot farm vote

Law Requires Pot to Be Tested but No Labs Licensed Yet

Law Requires Pot to Be Tested but No Labs Licensed Yet

The lack of any licensed independent testing laboratories for recreational marijuana remains a key stumbling block to opening pot shops in Massachusetts.


BOSTON (AP) — The lack of any licensed independent testing laboratories for recreational marijuana remains a key stumbling block to opening pot shops in Massachusetts.

The state's Cannabis Control Commission holds its next meeting Thursday but has yet to receive any completed applications for testing facilities.

Massachusetts requires all marijuana products sold commercially to bear a seal showing they've been independently tested for contaminants.

The state targeted July 1 for the start of recreational marijuana sales but that has yet to happen.

Three laboratories have been registered by state health officials to test medical marijuana, but they must apply for a separate license from the CCC to test for the retail market.

One of them, MCR Labs of Framingham, says it hopes to complete its application and begin testing recreational marijuana within weeks.

Chinese wind turbine maker Sinovel fined $1.5M for stealing AMSC technology

Chinese wind turbine maker Sinovel fined $1.5M for stealing AMSC technology