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Friday, June 1, 2018

The Lawsuit Against The EPA That Could End Water Fluoridation In The U.S.

The Lawsuit Against The EPA That Could End Water Fluoridation In The U.S.

Published on Apr 6, 2018
What is fluoride? Is it safe to drink? Is it safe for your children? Should we be adding fluoride to our water supply?  What about fluoridated toothpaste? In this report we speak with two men from the Fluoride Action Network who are taking water fluoridation and the government head on, with science on their side as they are suing the EPA to end the deliberate fluoridation of water in the U.S.

Show Notes:

At 40 minutes discussion about the process of water fluoridation.
The chemicals for water fluoridation are toxic. They are poison. 
BUT when they are used for water fluoridation they are considered a "product".  


  1. Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. Toxins add up in the body with sources like vaccines, root canals,mercury fillings, cavitations and the metals we breath from operation Cloverleaf to name a few. Protect your self by becoming aware of all these toxins and then trying to remove as many as possible. Annual town meeting 2019 will be upon us soon please plan to attend and begin the process of getting the fluoride out of our water supply.

    1. If anyone has a desire to use fluoride, there are plenty of places to get it. It should not be in the water supply because if you cannot afford to buy bottled water, you have no other choice but use it.

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