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Monday, January 8, 2018

Some thoughts ...

Some thoughts from Posted Meeting Agendas January 8, 2018

Let's look at the Sewer Agenda under New Business:

 $2,000,000 grant that needs to be spent in 30 days? Are there shovel ready plans that have been approved by Town Meeting AND
Capital Planning? 

 Now look at the Selectmen's agenda New Business:

 There will be a presentation regarding Fire Department promotions before the discussion of Ambulance revenues?

From the January 8, 2018 Agenda packet:

 Regarding the Fire Department:

"Chief Dickey and I reviewed the ambulance revenues since going to ALS. While we are hitting our target goal for FY '18 we do not see it growing to our hoped goal(s) in the coming year. As you will learn, this is because we are getting fewer billable runs than we projected and the mix of runs is tipping more toward the lower paying Medicare rates...."

So. How to pay for the promotions?

In other news, as an FYI, "we have already used almost 1/3 of our Snow & Ice budget. We will track this account weekly and keep you updated."

Apparently it is possible to track accounts?

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