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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


  1. Help support Your Fire Fighters and EMTs, Monday November 28 @6:30 Pm. Thank You!

    Templeton Fire Department
    9 hrs ·
    Due to recent town budget shortfalls , It is being recommended to remove the Chief and Deputy Chief of the department, and replace them with a Public Safety administrator ( The police Chief). living in town all my live and after 36+ years service to the town as a Fire Fighter, EMT-B. Working my way up through the ranks, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief and now the Acting Chief of the department. I have given over 110% to the towns people, as most all of us do in public safety. Missing holidays, weddings, cookouts, birthdays! I have Seen men, women, children, friends and family hurt, sick and injured, saving many and loosing many. I feel betrayed, let down, stabbed in the back. The Fire dept. and equipment is in a deplorable state. Not from lack of management skills, but a lack of the required funding. Removing 30% of the budget in past years, Keeping old equipment and having no funds to repair it is a major disaster waiting to happen. Miss management at a higher level than the department should not be placed on the solder in the trenches! Help support Your Fire Fighters and EMTs, Monday November 28 @6:30 Pm. Thank You!
    Everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday.
    Acting Chief
    Denis Hamel
  2. Do,

    You point out the problem exactly. Our BOS favors Short term savings that will actually over time cost us more.

    How many cities or town have a "Public safety administrator" and dont have a Police Chief, Fire Chief. Or they will create this position, then pile on responsibilities to Captains who will get raises to the point of being a Chief because they are doing the work.........1 Town employee added to the bureaucracy is all we'll get............

    How much could the excess $300k we've spent on audits have helped

  3. the "quick, short term fix" has never worked, and never will. js was an expert in "short term quick fix". that's why we have 40 year notes!! that's part of why we are where we are!!!! FIX, is not popular, hurts, and doesn't get you re-elected. but it is needed!!!!


  1. Looks like the meeting might need to be moved to a larger venue on Monday?

    Maybe someone would like to suggest that?

    Is anyone really sure the deficit is "only" $200,000 for FY 17?

    Is there an accounting for the audit shortfall - contract signed for $140,000 for 5 audits ; $28,000 budgeted for audits in FY 17? No audits completed so far! Over $300,000 spent!

    How about an override? That should go over great! Can't manage the money you have, so ask for more!


    There was a presentation at a selectmen's meeting in July by the Advisory Committee that outlined the budget shortfall and possible consequences. And here we are!

    Help and guidance is available from the DOR - you just have to ask for the help!

    There really are no "good options" halfway throughout the fiscal year!

    Enjoy Thanksgiving!

    Clear your schedules for Monday night! See you there!

    1. Don't forget, at one time every precinct had their own Fire Department. We have hit a new all time low. There is no sense in even talking about combining departments until someone who can add, and find real numbers, sits down to determine what we/ the Town, has for real money to spend on a government. Only then can we determine how big or small our government will be. This is the first step that needs to be taken, until that is done we are just wasting time. I do agree, we need our own Fire Chief. The difference between a Fire Chief and a Police Chief must be the difference between night and day. I once heard fighting a fire is a science, so I guess you don't put on the cuffs and lock it to a chair ! Bev.

  2. Two articles in todays Gardner News.............

    $100,000 needed for siding on senior center...
    Templeton hopes to close up $200,000 deficit........


    1. i have a problem with the senior center why wasn't the siding done ??i would think the first thing you do is make it weather tight sounds like another mismanaged project