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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Timely Reminders from the Division of Local Services

Timely Reminders

In our last edition of City & Town, the Ask DLS focused on changes made by the Municipal Modernization Act. One of the questions related to bond premiums and how they are to be treated under the new law. It closed with "[B]ond and municipal counsel should be consulted for language to be used to amend existing borrowing authorizations and to include in future authorizations in order to use premiums for project costs and reduce the amount authorized."

With town meetings on the horizon, it's important for every municipality that has debt that was previously authorized but has yet to be issued to include a warrant article that contains this blanket language so that the community can take advantage of the ability to either reduce the amount borrowed or set aside the premium for a future capital project. Please consult bond counsel and municipal counsel so that a warrant article can be included for upcoming Town Meetings.

We also want to take this opportunity to provide a reminder to municipalities regarding submittal of referendum votes. These votes include debt exclusions, overrides, underrides, capital exclusions and stabilization fund overrides. In order to efficiently assist cities and towns with expedited services, our Municipal Databank asks that city and town clerks email all votes to Votes can be mailed to the attention of the Municipal Databank at the Division of Local Services, P.O. Box 9569, Boston, MA 02114.

Submissions should include votes that pass (win) and votes that fail (loss). Referendum votes must include a specimen ballot, certified results, and a signed true copy attest by the clerk. Additional copies of these votes may be sent to your BOA field representative; however, please note that the Municipal Databank is responsible for maintaining the DLS Gateway Votes Database. In the interest of the environment and for tracking purposes, we encourage clerks to send Proposition 2 1/2 votes electronically.

As always, I like to hear from our partners in local government. We are here to assist municipalities in practicing strong municipal financial management. If we're delivering as promised, let me know. If we are not, I also want to know. If you have an idea we may not have thought of, please pass it along by emailing me at Enjoy the upcoming holidays!

Sean Cronin
Senior Deputy Commissioner of Local Services
From Jeff Bennett's Templeton Watch

Friday, November 18, 2016

Happenings in Templeton - as we hear them.

Possible new veterans service officer in Templeton - wife of current/former Templeton veterans service officer John Caplis.

Templeton Senior Center gets a 30 day extension and the food pantry will be allowed to stay open no matter because the down stairs is in code -???

Some cuts coming as it seems the fiscal year 2017 expense spread sheet was/is not as good as the selectmen and former town administrator told town meeting it was/is.

I take that as the selectmen and town administrator fibbed to town meeting, so if they think a tax override is the way to go to fix that mess, good luck with that approach.

Assistant treasurer/collector now doing the payroll for the town, per orders from the selectmen/town administrator, because apparently the town treasurer/collector "has alot on her plate."

On the good side, 4 selectmen signed the tax recap sheet and all of the assessors signed so it has been sent off to the DOR. selectmen John Columbus could not be bothered with signing the most important document.

The DOR office in Boston is keeping an eye on Templeton while wondering how Templeton is going to borrow 47 million for a new school and the one million dollars for police station work.

There are apparently about 20 candidates for town administrator for Templeton.

There is serious talk about the merging of cemetery and highway as well as some eyes on and questions about sewer debt and the spending over there by the way the process was done - apparently there may have been some steps or a process that was shall we say, mishandled.

enjoy the weekend.

posted by Jeff Bennett

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