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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Weather Update for T day!

Weather Update for T day!

Subject: Higher Probability of Light Snow to Rain Thursday & Elevated Risk of Freezing Drizzle Thursday Night.

Good Afternoon,

Changes From Previous Forecasts ...

Thursday...Slightly increased probability of precipitation type Thursday taking on the form of light snow during the morning hours especially inland and possibly mixed with rain closer to the coast.

Thursday night...increased risk for a period of freezing drizzle across interior MA.

What we know...

Dry weather prevails through Wed evening with precipitation holding off until sometime early Thursday morning.  Precipitation will then likely take on the form of light snow across the interior with a mix of light snow and light rain elsewhere.  There is a small risk for a few pockets of freezing rain Thursday morning but probabilities appear higher for light snow changing to light rain. Precipitation will be light and not amount to much. Any snow accumulations should be an inch or less with highest amounts across northern Massachusetts. However keep in mind it doesn't take much wintry precipitation to cause slippery travel.

Also the probability for freezing drizzle Thursday night into Friday morning appears to be increasing across interior MA.  Bridges and overpasses will be most vulnerable.  While closer to the coast temperatures may remain above freezing yielding a lower threat of any icy conditions.

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