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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Best Comments from the week..

From "The 1M dollar Question":


  1. Years ago, Gladys Salame told me that "there was a plan in place to ruin the Town" because someone was fired. This plan was payback for what this person took as a personal attack on their loved one. Looks like this plan has worked very, very well.
  2. So how happy are we with the electric bills now that we can't borrow due to the debt the deals the TMLWP have us in. Will they ge us even further in the hole with the battery park they are looking into.
    Sterling has one and it was 1.3 million investment with grants to help pay for it.
    If they can't explain why their so far in the hole we should clean house and start a different process to show us whats going on and point out the lies we were told.
    That debt doesn't affect the town it enterprise debt.
    If they don't pay it we will have to.
    So if we sold the Light plant we could shake off the debt we/they have built up.
    It's like purchasing a new car and trading in the old one you can do without.
    At one time the light plant made sense and costs were under control but now its a money grab take care of themselves.
    No pilot proves that point.
    As Cramer says Sell Sell Sell
    Want a new school? Think about it. It could be a road map to a shiny new school,lower town debt and less bullshit for the town to have to put up with.
    More to come!! Listen in!!!
  3. David,

    Question for you. Right now according to stated numbers Templeton distribution rate is .0477 per kwh. National Grids is .09934.

    Personally I feel Templeton Electricity and service is a Jewel for the town. Outages fixed in short order, reasonable electric rates by comparison. Selling an asset for a liability seems less than ideal.

    I would be 100% against selling the Templeton Light for this poorly thought out, overpriced school plan
  4. As we all know the town get very little from the TMLWP that we don't pay for. Many costs are born for the Jewel to exist and laws don't get followed. If you want to look at a nickel and hide from the risks and costs we have due to the way we let them run thats ok.
    I for one don't. The risk is this looking at the chapter 164 laws point out clearly if the investments we have with the MMWEC Nuke projects ever have a problem as in MELTDOWN or storage leakage we are on the hook for the clean up.
    Unlimited exposure and risk are what we get for the nickel saved.
    When Other power companies bill you they pay tax on the profits and shareholders get income also.
    The state owned MMWEC are the ones who spread the risks via the Municipal owned power companies. So the state takes care of the plants they have control of and provide the funds to let the rich purchase tax free income bonds as they wash each others hands.
    Scratch each others backs. It was a good deal when the PILOT was paid on a regular basis but now they cry poverty and promise this and that and we get nothing but a little free power. That's at their cost around .06 without the extras we pay. The contracts for purchase power are not for you to see and are not on file here when i asked for a copy. They are kept at MMWEC and the reasons are as i stated above,the risks. How about the shut down costs for a nuke plant? One doesn't just switch off and walk away. No No that's your nickel save um up you could need them any day.
    If your grid unprotected i might add, were ever in failure and unable to provide power would you pay the bill when they send it? The town is on the hook for the bills for all investments and bonds they sold to finance these investments and the town has no control of them in any way.
    All that for a NICKEL!
    That National Grid bill others pay has no strings,hooks or risks involved. NONE.
    So the thing with us as owners/shareholders/taxpayers/what ever you choose for a title is we can't walk away. We will need to pay.
    Who would want to own a house in Templeton if we have a burden in our tax bills to support the added costs of the risks that can easily occur.
    It's not just a light bill it's the whole towns risk factor.
    The more eggs you juggle the higher the risks of failure.
    Why after over 100 years are the light plants books in so much debt?
    Is it the Nickel they have not charged us to make people think they are a better deal the cause of it?
    Please don't ask they get upset when people do that sort of thing.
    No FOIA request there ether. All department FOIA requests are to go through the Selectman office where they will tell you the light department of TEMPLETON told them no! When asked about the contracts the auditing authority are to have for public view they say no.
    Transparency? You tell me?
    I'd rather pay the Nickel!

  5. So how happy are the people in the Graves complex area after the Light Department were drilling for a new pole and hit the water main?
    I bet the repairs for the water main were more than a Nickel!
    Who gets the Bill for that?
    Yup the rate payers!
    1. You would have thought they would have checked for a water main ? Didn't they call dig safe ?
  6. At the Templeton Fish in Game Club there are about 120 camps. These are seasonal, so the Light Co. does not read the meter from November until April, but they charge all of the camp owners the 3.00 a month for the time they do nothing. So 18x 120 camps comes to 2,160.00. Not a bad chunk of change.
    1. How many businesses do you know of that can buy a new truck, I think it was every 10 years ? I am talking about the big ones, you know , the yellow one that blind you if you look at them. I think a schedule of every 5 years is for the smaller trucks. How many companies can do that ? We pay to haul Driscoll's butt to his house and back to Baldwinville every day, but the vehicle does not have Templeton's name on it ? How come ?
  7. A quick look at the TMLWP web page still has no minutes for the last 6 months of meetings.
    One would think the one in june 2016 could be a mistake but i would think it is put there on purpose! After all, and i quote DANA chairman "we do things right over here"!
    Over there they charge just a little less than the big guys that pay taxes and shareholders a profit so they look good enough.
    To not post minutes in a timely fashion is to not follow the laws again.
    Why when they employ more people than ever can't they keep us informed as to what they are doing? Is it they can't settle with the unions on a contract?
    Do we have greater problems they don't want known?
    For a department they say is transparent i would beg to differ "AGAIN"
    So we can't borrow for a school is now a problem to shed off to the commissioners and their ways of the past. Is it their debt log the problem or is it the Bond they blame.
    Even if we had a great bond rate we are over the limit before we start to ask.
    Why didn't the MSBA see this before they took this project forward for us?
    Are we suppose to think we should have known better or be wiser?
    With all we pay to lawyers and fees why weren't we told of this problem?
    As with every loan the TMLWP took out or extended why didn't the high priced bond counsel tell them the implications of borrowing to the town?
    Was it they couldn't care less.
    Do they care?
    Commissioners are elected to the position.
    Do you care?


  1. Hey Dave,

    Missed your comment about the nickel. For me that nickel amounts to about $50 a month. $50 a month is like $6.00 per $1000 on my tax bill.
    If a nuclear plant ever melted down its not the owners who are going to clean it up anyway, nor the insurers. It will be you and me as the Federal Government as disaster relief, brownfield type accounts as it always is.
    If this type of scenario is a concern maybe the people of Templeton should demand the Light Department, School be required to insure all projects against these issues. The Senior Center, Windmill, woodchip boiler are all examples of projects that have shown terrible management, contracts leaving Templeton liable.

    I see it as a problem of nobody is looking at the nickels and they add up.

  2. The point of the other comments was that we as in Templeton are in no way in control of what could happen and the savings of a nickel could be more expensive than a illusion of a cheaper light bill. So if the nickel went away and the bills were the same what would be the risk factor you would be willing to say is ok.
    If the windmill fell over striking the gym is the 2 million enough to cover it's cost to rebuild the gym and the turbine?
    That's the policy on the wind turbine last i asked.
    No copy of policy was ever made available as asked.
    Our losses in the combined generation plant shuttered before completed are a loss and buried in paper work as those contracts are not available to you or i either.
    So with the 6-7 million in reserves the TMLWP have at the MMWEC accounts why should we be left in the cold on information.
    Laws broken i guess are the price we pay for the nickel you say you save.
    To put the towns future projects in jeopardy to save what we think is a nickel could cost more every time we try to do anything in this town.
    With the investment in the Maine wind farm we will find the cart is way ahead of the horse as the main grid lines are not and may not be ever in place to transfer the power we have purchased. So were some of these issues discussed at the last 6-7 months of
    TMLWP commission meetings?

  3. How would we know? If posted in a timely manner,like the law requires,we could look at the meeting minutes and see.
    But for the nickels we may save you can't. Guess the help is stretched to thin to be able to follow the laws correctly.
    I personally don't care about the nickel you have to spend on the resources you
    consume. That's your choice and you could do without the TMLWP. If you use the amount you claim you'r a candidate for a solar array of your own. May i suggest Wolf solar from Maine to get you off grid and be able to control your costs better.
    I have info for you or anyone else that's interested and would be glad to share.
    The thing that bothers me is the reliance on the feds. to back us if there was a problem.If you think Templeton has a problem look at the feds books. You can't do that either.
    The Senior Center is a project we needed. Like many things when you just wing it as you go on the cheep things get overlooked.
    If the work there was not done the way it was it would never have been done.
    Look at the time the Hubbardston is having to get the voters o board.
    We would be in the same boat. For the amount we have spent i think we are doing ok and set to have complete in a short time.
    If not for change orders from previous directors we would be done. Every change order has a value and a consequence both in time and as we found out in money.
    I have personally volunteered as many others have time and money to see Templeton do this project and as we see the New town hall a great asset so will the Senior center be. No money was spent on general management oversight and or contractors to guide these through a wall of requirements. The staff was town employees and or volunteers like Mr. Harris and others who have had the best interests of the town at heart the whole time. So not sure about the lead off with the Senior center being a valid scenario. If you read the chapter 164 and get acquainted as i and others have you won't see anything about the claim the feds will pick up the tab for the nickel you say you save. When the National grid Purchases the power they do it's clear of the costs associated with mismanagement's cost. As with the municipal light plants they have the people who own property to bilk for the costs of recovery. Both in a tax bill and electric bills. Save your nickels Bob.
    That's Wolf Solar Energy.
    My system is about 20k for a 17 year loan with great tax incentives now.
    Just keep under 1 megawatt and TMLWP will need to cooperate.
    Ask Tom Jelenewski how he is doing with his solar farm and how the TMLWP get to treat him.
    As with Sterling a big battery is needed soon in Templeton to store for overnight use and cloudy weather.Gee i bet the batteries will be a great deal from MMWEC.