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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Running in Place

Running in Place

 The Templeton Board of Selectmen have voted to merge the Highway department and Cemetery department. One of two long-time (30+ year), devoted town employees will be let go. 

A "neutral evaluator"  will interview the two superintendents to make a determination on which long-time, devoted employee will remain. See "Suck It Up Buttercup"
Here's an idea - let's spend money the town does NOT have, to make a difficult decision. 

Town acceptance of Laurel View Road has encountered a few bumps in the road. The road is in deplorable condition. That much has been agreed upon.

The selectmen have kicked the can to the planning board for for input from its members.

Chapter 90 money can not be used on that road until it is accepted by the Town.

Maybe someone who lives on Laurel View Road should take out papers and run for the board of selectmen. That's worked before!



  1. When Dave Smart was talking about the sad shape Laurel View was in, for a minute I thought he was talking about Partridgeville Road. Now that is sinking into the swamp !! It could have been South Road he was referring to also. There are places that require you to ride down the middle of the road, so you don't break your car into pieces. These roads, are the result of having a highway department that does work other than working on the roads. This is not the fault of the Highway workers, or Bud. The boss of these people is the selectmen. I really wish someone would explain why the Otter River Sportsmen's Club got a new road ? No one lives on it, as it is a dead end. Why put that as a priority ? The real problem is the fact that this has been going on for so many years, the Town will never catch up.

  2. the road to the orsc is a town road

  3. The BOS is presented with the list of worst roads in need of repairs that will fit the budget we have for the chapter 90 funds. We have been asked to increase the pot to use for funds with a 2.5 over ride vote and was a strong NO vote.
    As for what the BOS choose to do for work and where is another topic to have for a blog.
    I can say this for the people who say Templeton's roads are the worst i have to disagree.
    There have been many roads repaired but we are limited to a fixed amount to do the repairs with. As engineering costs to redo the parts of old royalston road have used up a sizeable amount of the funds from chapter 90 we will be on the list to have the cost to re engineer paid for and behind us.
    It would be nice to have all the roads in town in mint shape but i think in our lifetime that would be a fantasy due to the conditions of our climate and frost heaves that damage the roads.
    Water is everywhere and it is no surprise the roads will fall apart again before we get them all done.I guess we will be back at it before they all are in good shape to redo them again,or should i say they will.
    The ORSC road was a high cost to patch and was one factor to pick it to be redone.
    It gets a high volume of use and was soon to be a liability for the town.
    To continue to poor more money into the failing road was a less favorable option than patching and patching provides.
    We have to think of the equipment and employees also when we decide what to repave and how bad the risks are if we don't.

  4. This is a prime example of a lack of management. How about we do away with Carter and keep both Highway and Cemetery.
    Can someone tell me whats better since we got the "Town Administrator". Since we hired one we haven't had one audit, project,budget completed. I see no gain. I think either we have a BOS or a Town Administrator, not both! When communication seems to be your problem, don't add more people!

  5. I believe the problem comes down to money and priorities. When the schools are taking the lions share of the money other projects don't get done. The schools don't educate they school people in a corporate way of thinking better known as fascism. When our leaders make friends and family and not their town the object of their leadership we all suffer.