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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Money Grab

Money Grab

In anticipation of Wednesday's Budget Workshop (1/18/17) documents have been made available for review.

One document prepared on 12/7/16 lists projected income form the Ambulance service:

 Assuming Templeton is able to retain its ALS certification and status without a fire chief, recovered income from the ambulance service is projected at $525,00 of which $325,00 will be allotted to the ambulance service.  So where, oh where will the the rest of the money go?

 Always follow the asterisks***
Ambulance Receipts Transfer    $227,000.00*

* prepared to include transfer of the Ambulance receipts to the general fund 

 Looks an awful lot like a Money Grab!

Don't think this is why the TOWNSPEOPLE voted for an Ambulance Receipts  Account!

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  1. The Fire Department can bill any amount they want for a run, but that is not what they will be paid by the insurance companies. The reason the voters voted to keep the ambulance receipts separate, was so when new equipment was needed, the Fire Department would not have to go to Town Meeting and fight for what they need. I am not sure how long we will be able to rely on our ALS service with out a Fire Chief. The men are required to have up to date training, and as far as I know, Ray. was providing that. So now what do we do ? Hire someone else ? I do have a problem with the Towns' people letting not having a Fire Chief slide. This should not be allowed even though we do have a Captain. If I am wrong about any of this, I know I can rely on a couple of readers to straighten me out. Bev.