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Monday, January 9, 2017

Drink Up part 2

Drink Up part 2

So the following notice appeared in the Gardner news:


Water bills  were mailed in December and are due TODAY!
So why couldn't this notice have been placed in the water bills?

Latest water bill:

 Yep. $13.13 per thousand gallons includes a QUARTERLY service charge of $59.29 . That is $237.16 per YEAR per customer for "service". You would think that exorbitant amount would be enough to cover testing the friggin' water!

With  2000 water customers the service charge alone generates $474,320.

Do Your Job! 
When will the water at the schools be tested for lead?

Winchendon tested high in some of their schools and has taken action to address the issue. Gardner has tested high in lead in their schools and has taken action to resolve the problem. 

Drink Up!


  1. So how many parents have called about the lead tests better yet how many care about the kids exposed?

    1. I would think that a the Commissioners would hold someone accountable for not making the public aware of the poor water quality in a timely manner. Polluted water could be life threatening to the elderly with a compromised immune system, and the very young. Maybe it is time for the water customers to hold the Commissioners accountable, because it does seem no one is watching out for the public.

  2. It would seem if the parents are not concerned about their children drinking fluoride which has been shown to lower IQ it is doubtful that there will be concern about the lead in the water. Fluoride makes lead more toxic to the body. Our society is being poisoned daily by additives in our food, water and air.

  3. Anything related to Jersey isle pedo cases, going on this island? Any Tavistock Institute connections? Look up Florida FBI is doing a case on Providence corp that uses shell corps on Guernsey Island and Brazil, stick frauds. Providence in FL is connected to Providence under Obamacare contracts with Logisticare corp and Igneus corp. Look up their websites. Perhaps, govt and elite ilon your island have agendas for their profiteering, depopulate and pedo like in the USA, Ireland, au, jersey island, etc vs your rights and water? Looks like pedo Epstein mansion in West Palm, FL is near both providence, board executives.
    Sorry, not on your direct focus of blog, yet wonder if creepy stuff is going on with your area; and safe water is necessary.
    Look up different lead lab tests and where to get accurately accessed. Many lead lab tests done are not accurate. For ex: look up in New York State how some doctors will get a office in New Jersey, as New York does not allow many chemical and heavy metal lab tests to be used. Two labs that state such on their website are Metamatrix and Doctors Data. The Nih, CDC have labs they use, and various labs will or will not hold up in court or with other drs and institutions. Metamatrix has labs for dioxin agent orange, PCBs, and more that have given usa citizens the disability of chemical injury. Med insurance does not cover any accurate labs. Detox impairment is another rest, as is Acet-- measuring that will increase during high exposures, but go down rapidly. Urine rest, blood, plasma, serum.

    Are your schools exposing children in the water fountains, also?/

    Hope to hear back, hope this can help.