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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

5 Facts Every Trumper Knows About Diehl

5 Facts Every Trumper

Knows About Diehl

Diehl was NEVER the MA Trump Campaign Chairman or Co-Chairman.
Vincent DeVito was the ONLY Chairman appointed by the campaign of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. Read more…

Diehl ENDORSED “Never Trumper” Charlie Baker.
Baker despises President Trump and actively told Republicans and Independents NOT to vote for Trump. Read more…

Diehl DOCTORED a photo to falsify a handshake with Donald Trump.
Diehl does not have a SINGLE photograph shaking hands with Donald Trump. Read more…

Diehl is a traitor to Veterans and 9/11 victims and their families.
His campaign head, Holly Robichaud, is a Saudi lobbyist who misled Veterans to lobby against 9/11 families’ victims seeking reparations from Saudi Arabia. Nearly 20% of Diehl’s campaign donations ($300,000) have gone to pay Holly Robichaud. Read more…

Diehl voted for Democrat Joe Biden for President.
Diehl switched to being a Republican the same year Warren became a Democrat. Read more…

Fake News & Fake Indian

Are In On Diehl’s Lies

Charlie Baker's selfie with Elizabeth Warren

The Fake News media, instead of highlighting the FACTS, pushes them under the rug, to promote Diehl as a CONTROLLED OPPOSITION to the Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren. In falsely depicting Diehl as a “Trumper,” the Fake News media and the Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren aim to make invisible the candidacy of SHIVA, the Real Indian, the Real Fighter and the Real Trump Loyalist.

Geoff Diehl endorsed Never Trumper Charlie Baker

This concerted effort in promoting Diehl, a failed sign salesman and Charlie Baker stooge, is for the sole purpose of misleading the MAGA movement in MA away from SHIVA and back into the arms of “Never Trumper” Charlie Baker’s MA GOP, who are in collusion with the MA Democratic Party. Their implicit power sharing agreement is for Warren and Baker to maintain their senatorial and gubernatorial seats. Diehl is in it for the ride to lose to Warren, for which Baker has promised him the opportunity to be Lieutenant Governor in 2022.

This is why the Massachusetts swamp is so afraid of SHIVA. This is why they have colluded to keep him off the debate stage. They know if citizens across Massachusetts hear his message, it is over for them.


Defeat the Fake Indian

Trumpers across Massachusetts know: Only a REAL INDIAN Can Defeat the Fake Indian. The growing and explosive INDEPENDENT movement of Shiva 4 Senate is sending shock waves across the Massachusetts swamp. Their two-pronged response is using the Fake News media to make our campaign invisible and collude together to promote the Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren and the Fake Trumper Dirty Diehl as the only choice for Massachusetts citizens. However, times are a changing.

Everyday people are tired of the single choice of the two-party system.

Trumpers live by a simple motto:



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