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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

BOH and Inspections

BOH and Inspections

Nice job to the Board of Health for Inspecting the kitchens at NRSD! 

Now, if only the water faucets and bubblers could be inspected for they do in Gardner!

Thanks to Bob M. again for more information regarding lead in the water in our schools.

Why isn't the water in our local schools (Templeton and Phillipston) tested for lead? If it is tested, why isn't it reported on this LIST

Below is a copy of the form which is supposed to be submitted:

Isn't it "all about the children"? Does anyone know the lead levels in the water in our schools? 

Just for fun - here is a list of the communities in Massachusetts subjected to water fluoridation.

Fluoridation & the Lead Crisis


  1. Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. It is doubtful that the BOH reminded NRHS that there is poison in the water causing possible loss of IQ to their students and certainly other health problems. The thing about toxic elements like lead is that they act synergistically with the toxin fluoride allowing the lead to more easily enter the cell and cause it's problems. It may be that there is no problem with lead at NRHS but the only way to tell is by testing the water. Our BOH should not be used as prostitutes for big business when it comes to water fluoridation but that is not the reality.

  2. Someone should ask Dr. Casavant when the last test was done at all the schools.
    A quick call to the supers office should result in a schedule of the tests performed over the years and the results.
    I would think that info should be easy to release.

  3. Front page news in December 14th's Gardner News! Lead and Copper found in school drinking water...but here is the interesting part -

    "As problems come to light, we fix them. An issue came to light - we'll fix it." said Mayor Mark Hawke.

    In Templeton...crickets.

  4. It makes one wonder if the parents even care.
    Have any of the parents asked if their children's drinking water at school has been tested?
    A quick call to the famed TMWP water department should also reveal this knowledge.
    Or will the question be stonewalled like many others that have been asked over the years.
    Is the town of Templeton on the hook for lack of the testing if not done.