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Thursday, December 1, 2016

To Your Health!

Ambulance Fees Increase!

In order to keep up with escalating costs, ambulance fees will increase in Templeton on January 1, 2017.

  Basic Life Support (BLS) calls will increase from $736.26 to $1,000

Advanced Life Support(ALS) callswill increase from $874.32 to $1,750

ALS 2 is a new rate level and will cost $2,250 per transport.

The Templeton selectmen have asked for a cost analysis to determine how much money the rate increases will bring to the department.

Will Templeton still have a certified ALS service, if the Police Chief is the made the department head during consolidation? Will the money earned by the ambulance service stay with the ambulance service? Stay tuned!



  1. It doesn't take long for the creative mind to come up with ways to increase money income as seen by our Fire and Rescue Department. Perhaps the Highway Department can set up toll booths on all major roads to collect money for much needed equipment. With the power of the State anything is possible.

  2. This type of thing is why people in town get so pissed.

    How can our town executives say they have been doing their job and then throw out numbers like this. 25% increase in BLS services, a 100% increase in ALS. Did these numbers come directly from someones arse? How do you justify a 100% increase in fees? Either we've been uncercharging significantly or we are getting ripped off.

    I see no possible justification for a 100% increase. Mark my words........this extra fee will amount to 0 extra collections because the state of our health care is questionable and people without it just wont pay.

    This is such a shame. It was just a few years ago that Templeton had a volunteer department (supported by donations) rated well. Now what?

  3. I think those fees should have been going up years ago so that 100 percent increase would of just been a 20 percent increase

    Just like everything the cost of doing business cost more and more every year if you don't go up with your prices you either be out of business or forced to raise prices 100 percent

  4. Mike, I agree, but this is not a business. This is a government. It's actually supposed to be based off cost! We are paying in taxes for services. This type of maneuver only shows these numbers are plucked out of thin air.
    I can only see this one way. Either we were paying less than 50% of the cost of those services last year or we are being asked to pay 200% of the actual costs of services to cover other shortfalls by management! This type of financing is why we are in such a mess now. This why I and other people dont trust the "numbers" thrown at us. People understand services cost money. People also used to understand it was a volunteer BOS and paid department heads all fighting for control. Well, it's no longer just a volunteer BOS, its a Town Administrator. Do we have defined boundaries? Is the BOS overstepping the Town Admin?
    Between the departments we are paying how much for management??? Are we getting our $$$ worth?? Are we working together or in corporation with each other or not.

    Back to EMS are these additional costs related to our fire departments new Administration. Wasn't their some issue regarding EMT services???

  5. Bob

    The higher cost has nothing to do with the new administration. It was way over due and should of been going up every year But there is an issue that medics need to be paid a higher rate than a basic emt.

  6. unfortunately, the man that worked tirelessly to make als a reality in town, is no longer because, for some reason, a member of selectman didn't like him, and got the other two to go along with them!!!

    1. And no one on the Fire Department stood up for him either !!! Bev.

    2. and why is that bev you should go ask a few questions to people that are on the dept !!!!