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Friday, December 30, 2016

Town Administrator Report 12/22/16

Town Administrator Report  

I wonder why the Inspector General is coming to Templeton for training? Will ALL departments attend? 

As discussed at the selectmen meeting on Wednesday 12/28/16, the polling location will be changed to the Narragansett Middle School Cafeteria. Check your Census mailing for more information:

Audit update: 
So it looks like may be, kinda, sorta, that FY 15 and FY 16 field work  might happen in early February despite the "variety of items" from FY13 and FY 14 that need to be redone.

So the Auditor has agreed to attend the MFOB meeting in January to discuss the elementary school financing. Wonder if his attendance at this meeting will increase the cost of the audits?

More to come...

Full Report HERE

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  1. Oh why not, what's a few more bucks ! Just pennies, or so they say. Just rent a bus, drag everyone down there. Try and tell them we are not really, really broke ! It's just a illusion that has lasted since 1999. So you think this is a surprise ? Maybe if Paulie's investigation had happened, we would not be here right now ! The bad guys are alive and well ! Who said money didn't buy protection ? Templeton is living proof it does.