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Friday, December 16, 2016

Death and Taxes?

Death and Taxes?
Taxes anyway!

Nothing  can put you in the holiday spirit like receiving your tax bill! 

GOOD NEWS! The tax rate went down!

FY 2016 tax rate was $16.47 
FY 2017 tax rate is    $16.12 

That's wonderful, right? Hey, wait a minute. My tax bill increased? What? It went up $160.00! What? Say it ain't so!

Oh! My property has increased in value so my tax bill went up even though the tax rate went down. Oooh!

Well that's a good thing right? My property is now worth more. So I can take out another mortgage and take the family to Disneyland. 

Anyway this tax bill includes the debt for the Police Station renovation, right? And the new elementary school? NOPE!

What's that you say? The federal reserve just raised interest rates? Well that's a good thing, right? So long as my mortgage doesn't increase everything is AWESOME!

Peer Communities:

Actually, Templeton is peerless. There aren't any other communities on this list that do NOT have a bond rating. Might worth adding a few columns to this chart like "How much each of these communities has in stabilization", or even "How much free cash has been certified" or how much debt each community has". Stuff like that.

Everything is AWESOME!


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  1. Remember what you were told, "Every thing is good." a quote from candidates night. "Templeton is on the right track". I think that one was from our ATM, or was it in a LTE in the Gardner News ? Or both. How did the people on the Advisory Board know these sentiments were a crock ? It is because we looked at the numbers !! The real numbers ! I am sorry for the people who live on the edge. This more than likely pushed them closer. I hope the Assessors Office is prepared for all the people who are going to come screaming at her !