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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Budget v. Actual 6.29.17

Budget v. Actual 

The Advisory Committee met last night to review requests for end of the year transfers. The information that was missing at the last meeting was provided. That information is the Budget v Actual.

There was some discussion and questions regarding certain accounts:

 Town Counsel -thought town counsel was going to receive a partial payment with the money remaining in this account? The transfer would cover the rest?

Snow and Ice - The Snow and Ice deficit  on the backup material indicates a deficit of -$128,812.97 not -$131,775.08

 E911 Grant - How can a GRANT be in the RED by $22,905.08? Especially as the Police salaries has over $71,000 left?

 Elementary School project is finally in the black due to the 6 month $5 million dollar borrowing.

 Police Salaries - Why is there $71,750.93 left in salaries on June 29th?

 Animal Inspector - why is there still money in the account?

 COA Revolving  -$17,929.48

Chapter 90 $$ $445,991.19 - How much is set aside for Engineering Royalston Rd? How much is left for road repair? 

FF/ EMS salaries - Why is there a surplus of $30,440.91?

Julie Farrell

1 comment:

  1. This information is very concerning. This appears to show a continuation of the same financial issues denoted in the Audit review.
    The issues that concerns me.
    This information appears to show that commingling of accounts is still happening. Maybe I'm ignorant, but the money came from somewhere, where?

    The overspending in accounts just has to stop, period. Not acceptable, possibly illegal, definitely not as planned.
    The $71,000 balance in police salaries could be from better management practices. Is it, I don't know. My concern is with $71,000 in salary accounts why did we require such a large increase (9% I believe) in police funding?

    The Snow and Ice balance is disturbing in the sense that this conflicting paperwork is being submitted as documentation for the requested transfer and is more than the documented balance, why? Did anyone look before submitting paperwork?