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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Creative Writing 101

Creative Writing 101

The saga continues. I received the response from the town regarding my Open Meeting Law complaint against the Templeton Board of Selectmen and "Your Selectmen" Cameron Fortes.

Full Document Here

Definition of "opined":
past tense: opined; past participle: opined
hold and state as one's opinion.
"“The man is a genius,” he opined"
synonyms:suggest, say, declare, observe, comment, remark, submit, put forward;
contend, be convinced;
think, believe, consider, maintain, be of the opinion, imagine, reckon, guess, assume, presume, take it, suppose, reason;
"he opined that a relaxed dress code was inconsistent with the club's image"

Oh gee, look here "hold and state  as one's OPINION

Gotta love "Exhibit A"

Julie Farrell - my OPINIONS !

Are the Templeton Liars Club completely incapable of following their own Policies and Procedures? 

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