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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Who's Next?

Who's Next?

Good News! Looks like everything is AWESOME in Templeton!

The hard work done by department heads to control their budgets resulted in enough money ($131,000) to transfer and cover the Snow and Ice deficit. That is great news!

It will be very interesting to see how much money remains in the FY 17 budget. That money should eventually clear out to Free Cash, if approved by the DOR.

So one question might be, was the merger of departments really fiscally necessary? Or was it a tactic to terminate a few long time employees? What happened to that report from the "outside" evaluator regarding the merger of the Highway and Cemetery departments?

Time will tell.

What departments do you think they will go after next?

My opinions, as always

Julie Farrell


  1. I'm no municipal finance wizard, but it appears to be more about mis-allocated funds than a lack of funds.
    I would imagine that their is some numerical estimate as to what percent overage a municipality would ideal budget v actual.

    1. Seeing that the Senior Center and Recreation were on the hit list, it would seem that is one answer. A town cannot spend more than it takes in, year after year, and survive. That is why most towns are fiscally conservative. I do not believe Templeton has lived within their means for a good twenty years. It was easier to rely on the Templeton Municipal Light, for extra money when it was needed. The thing that hurt our town, was the tax money that was lost when Temple Stuart closed, along with having Baldwinville Products shut down, with nothing to replace them. This Town is way past the borrow from Peter to pay Paul routine. This act has been used too many times, as a result Peter and Paul are both broke. It is time to clean up the comedy act, it is not funny anymore. My opinion, as it is my right, so long that this is not Russia. Bev.