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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Debt Clock

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MA debt clock :

So there are 923,107 unemployed or food stamp recipients in Mass out of a total population of 6,816,339. So about 13 % of the people in Mass are not in good financial shape to repay any debt. 

The only solution appears to be to take on more debt. How long before MA becomes like Kentucky teacher retirement? Or Illinois?

It appears the amount of debt on a personal level, on a community level, on a state level AND on a federal level is unsustainable. 

Templeton has spent over  HALF A MILLION DOLLARS on the audits and the FY 17 audit has not been presented yet.

Letter from DLS

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  1. For every debit there exists a credit. What happened to the credits? Perhaps this explains CreditsExplained