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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Draft Warrant for STM November 14, 2017

Draft Warrant for STM November 14, 2017

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For a good time, calculate how much Free Cash will be used to cover prior bills and backfill the budget!


  1. This Special Town Meeting needs your attention. In every other town in Massachusetts bills and responsibilities from the past fiscal year, would have been taken care of long before this. In other communities, free cash is used constructively. This "Special Town Meeting" is now called the "Fall Town Meeting", according to our TA. Ironic isn't it when a town can do business when less people can attend this meeting. Many elderly cannot drive at night, so November is the perfect time to do business when some of it's residents are barely home from work, and others cannot drive at night. Think about it. Just to be fair, this tactic has been used before, but it does not make it right. My opinion as a voter and a taxpayer. Bev.

  2. In my opinion Article 16 removing our current advisory board is a bad idea. A system of checks and balances is needed to combat the stupidity and self serving tendencies of other departments, a good advisory board is needed for this reason. Just the mention of such an article is proof positive of the ignorance of how good government works by those who have put it forward.

    1. Read the article again it doesn't recommend removing the advisory board, they just want to be able to remove members of the advisory board who piss them off.