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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Tom Brady:All-star NFL Quarterback Warns Against Fluoride

Tom Brady:All-star NFL Quarterback Warns Against Fluoride
All-star NFL Quarterback Warns Against Fluoride

Tom Brady, the star veteran quarterback of the New England Patriots and considered possibly the best quarterback of all time, has recently authored a book on staying healthy in which he mentions fluoride in water.

In chapter seven of his new book (The TB12 Method: How to Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance), while discussing the importance of hydration, Brady acknowledges the risks of ingesting fluoride, advising readers to remove it from tap water by filtration.
He writes, "Tap water is water that comes from a municipal source. Depending on where you live, most sources of tap water contain fluoride, chlorine, and, in some cases, lead. Excessive amounts of both fluoride and chlorine have now been linked to a number of health risks. Drink tap water only if you filter it first, which gets rid of many impurities. Even when you use tap water for steaming vegetables, it's better to filter it first."

(**Special Thanks to Mike Dolan from UMASS Amherst for pointing this out.)

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  1. No one paid Tom to say this. As most everyone knows Tom Brady has a strict regiment on how he eats and works out. OMG, he does not like fluoride ?? Smart man ! All of you young mothers listen up ! What he says is true. Be smart, work to get fluoride out of your drinking water, especially if you are on town water.