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Friday, November 10, 2017

Fluoride Toxicology 101

Fluoride Toxicology 101

Conference Presentation: Fluoride Toxicology 101

Our third presentation from September's 6th Citizens Conference on Fluoride features Paul Connett, PhD—retired chemistry professor, co-author of the “Case Against Fluoride,” and former Director of FAN--providing a detailed overview of fluoride's toxicology, highlighting the proper way to account for and mitigate the effects of toxic chemicals in the environment.

Powerful Letters on Recent Fluoride/IQ Study

While there was a considerable amount of media coverage of the recent study published in Environmental Health Perspectives linking fluoride exposure during pregnancy to lowered IQ in children, too many newspapers failed to share this crucial information with parents and mothers-to-be.  Without this information, how can mothers make an informed decision to protect their children? 

In response to the lack of local coverage, two campaigners on opposition sides of the U.S. took it upon themselves to educate neighbors by submitting impressive opinion pieces to local media outlets.  Please read and share these letters, then use them to inspire your own letter to the editor, either cutting and pasting from the letters above, or using our automated system below.
Clean Water Portland and Newport organizer Rick North first had a comprehensive opinion piece published in the Lund Report, a health-industry news source for the state of Oregon.

Vermont campaigner and FAN Communications Advisor, Jack Crowther, wrote a commentary that was printed in the Rutland Herald, entitled “Study Deals Blow to Fluoridation.”

Then last week, Rick North also had a letter published on Blue Oregon (a local internet media outlet) entitled, “The Major Fluoride Risk Study You Never Heard Of.” 

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  1. Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. There are three citizen petitions circulating around town concerning ending water fluoridation or warning Templeton citizen's of it health hazard. Many are afraid to sign thinking there electrical power will be disconnected or their water shut off by the locals. Others are afraid relatives or friends who work for the fluoride promoters ie. The Light and Water Department, The Town of Templeton and The School Department may threaten would be signers by firing them from their jobs or some other equally rotten action. Let me just say that is a possibility. The other side of the coin is should we allow are fellow citizens to be poisoned with an industrial by-product that has never been tested for safety. Only you can ask yourself which is more important: my job security or my fellow Templetonite's health. I can tell you 99% of the people could give a rat's ass about his fellow man's health. Luckily the 1% of the people who cares is Patriot's legend and all around winner good guy Tom Brady. Tom Brady has come out on page 208 of his sensational book saying " Excessive amounts of both fluoride and chlorine have now been linked to a number of health risks. Drink tap water only if you filter it first, which gets rid of many impurities. Even when you use tap water for steaming vegetables, it's better to filter it first." Buy the book and read it don't believe me. For those who actually give a shit about their fellow human being's health please consider signing the petitions concerning water fluoridation. Call 978 939 2501 or see Pete and/or Julie Farrell.