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Sunday, November 12, 2017

FREE CASH isn't "Free"

FREE CASH  isn't "Free"

A recent article in the Gardner News announced that the City of Gardner has $2.3 Million in Free Cash certified by the State Department of Revenue.

The Town of Templeton has recently had its Free Cash certified by the State Department of Revenue in the amount of $1,042, 588. 

The difference between Templeton and Gardner?

Last year Gardner had Free Cash certified. Templeton did not. Templeton went 5 years without the State certifying Free Cash. 

It took 5 years for Templeton to accrue $1,042, 588 in Free Cash

Free Cash :

So how should Free Cash be spent?

Should Free Cash be used  to "backfill" budgets?

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  1. What does it tell you when our town needs to use one time money to fund the budget? Oh yes, we were told not to do this time and time again, but our TA would not lead to reason, and did it anyway ! That's real leadership for you. What will he do if the trees aren't worth 50K ? Borrow more? Sell what ? Did people forget we have too much debt ? Well I think you have not seen anything yet ! We have had about 25 years to get our financial house in order with no success. In the end I have done my best and history will show that, along with others who have tried to watch out for the young and old. How the DOR can allow this town to dig the hole we are in deeper and deeper is beyond me. Will the town's newest business bail us out ? Don't hold your breath! Oh yes, a auto auction & recycling center, aka junk yard ! Just what we need. Let's hope they will pay their taxes.