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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pauly’s Blog

Pauly’s Blog

Sometimes we need to be reminded about a few things. Many people visit Pauly’s blog. After a while you forget to read the words under his picture:

My name is Paul H Cosentino Sr. Everyone calls me Pauly, I have lived in the town of Templeton,MA my entire life. I started my businesses, Cosentino Salvage & Recycling, Inc. in the 1970's after a long battle with the town. I am currently a member of the Conservation Commission and have been since 1999. I attend the Selectmen's Meetings, Town meetings, etc. I have witnessed wrong doings in the Templeton. I have tried to get these wrong doings corrected and the persons held accountable. I have been banned from the Town Offices for trying to bring attention to these issues. This blog is for the benefit of Templeton Residents and Taxpayers so they can be kept informed.

It is important to remember why this blog was started. Today’s Gardner News has a small article about a similar situation in Shirley. Maybe Mr. Schuler should start a blog.

Julie Farrell


  1. Thank goodness Pauly is not the kind of a person who would go crawl in a corner, after he confronted the people who he KNEW were doing wrong. Other people may have been intimidated by this, being banned from town offices, but not him. He found another way to fight back, and also let everyone else know what is going on. I have said before and will say again, Pauly and his blog are the most important things that have happened in our 250 years as a town. No one should be banned from any gathering, just because someone does not like what they say. It's their right, like it or not! Bev.

  2. I was on the board when Pauly made the statement about "going postal". The situation and the statement was blown way out of proportion. Getting any kind of response or information out of the former town coordinator was next to impossible.

    It is fortunate that Pauly did not sue the town over that incident. This blog is a much better way to channel your frustration. Thank you Pauly for this blog.

  3. We are certainly not the only town that faces the issues we have. Its interesting to see, however, how other towns deal with similar issues. Pauly's Blog is a great way to deal with injustice. Words have more punch than a fist sometimes. From someone who is relatively new in town, who has no ties to anyone, I came across Pauly's Blog while trying to learn more about the town I moved to. I learned about issues from him and looked for an opposing viewpoint. All I found was people name calling and acting like babies. There is no opposing view to Pauly's accusations. And that's because he is right. Look at the ConComm issue. The Advisory Board presented a full on powerpoint presentation on their investigation of the claims of overpayment. Pauly was right. Several years ago when Pauly tried to go through the proper channels to point out this "error" he was banned from town offices for a spell. Well, it turns out that was because the people who made said "errors" were the ones who banned him from the offices. COVER UP!!! Pauly is a good man and I listen to what he says. This blog is great because now everyone can sound off with their own opinion. I don't agree with everything that is written here. But I also won't call people names because I don't agree with them. And just because I like to read this blog doesn't make me one of "Julie's People" or "Pauly's People". calling. If you want to call me a name for reading and agreeing with content on this blog call me "Templeton's People". I care about the issues because what happens to the town happens to me as a property owner. It would be "stupid" not to pay attention and to make sure my tax money isn't wasted or stolen by dishonest people.

    1. Welcome to town! I am sorry our political atmosphere has not been better, but things are slowly improving. I am glad you have taken a interest in what is going on. I wish more people would. Wars were fought and people died, to give us the freedom to express our selves. I understand it is difficult for younger people with children to get involved politically, because of traveling to work and hauling the kids from one activity to another, but it is so important to pay attention to what is going on. The town is not just the schools. The schools are only one branch of the tree that is our town. Right now our town is financially very ill, due to some of the things that you have read about on this blog. It needs major surgery to get better. Please tell the people you know to read Pauly's blog. The more interest we have the quicker things will improve. Bev