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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Daylight Savings Time - TONIGHT !

Daylight Savings Time - TONIGHT !



  1. You need to know this:

    The Constitution
    By Anna Von Reitz
    There are a number of questions that must be asked--- and answered--- by each one
    of us. Before asking the first and most fundamental question and not inviting
    anyone to blurt out any answers at this point, I want to make my own position clear.
    I do not now and have never advocated any act of violence, insurrection, or treason
    against the Constitution.
    I view the actual Constitution as a flawed contract, but a contract that provides us
    with protections and guarantees we would not have otherwise. Those protections
    and guarantees are supremely valuable once we place ourselves in a position
    wherein we can exercise them.
    So let’s begin with what the actual Constitution is--- and let’s make it clear that
    when I say “The” Constitution or use the singular form of the word, I am talking
    about the real American deal ---and when I use the plural form of the word, I am

    talking about constitutions in general as a class of legal instruments.
    All constitutions, then, are debt agreements--- and so is ours.
    These debt agreements are generally divided into two classes--- equity constitutions
    and service constitutions, and in some cases, like ours----both equity and service are
    involved in the contract itself.
    The equity is in the nineteen rights known as “powers” which the states delegated to
    the federal government. The debt is owed to the federal government for performing
    the stipulated services and accepting the associated liabilities of the states, which
    would otherwise have to provide these services.
    The parties to this odd agreement are not our actual land jurisdiction states, but
    corporations they set up to act for them in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
    These are known as “states of states”, such as the State of Vermont; thus you will
    see that the “States of America” are mutually and collectively a party to The
    Constitution for the united States of America, and the word “united” is merely an
    adjective describing the fact that they are acting in common.
    So the states “united” acting through commercial companies known as “states of
    states” made an agreement with another entity, whose identity is purposefully
    obscured: the newly created “United States”. Unknown to the public then and to
    most Americans still, this was the United States Trading Company, which was formed
    from the old British colonial investment companies--- the Virginia Company, the New
    England Company, and others.
    Our fledgling union of states contracted away nineteen of their duties ---and the
    related rights--- to a British-owned and operated commercial company. They could
    hardly tell the rest of the people that after eight long years of war, they were getting
    back into bed with the British king and giving up a large portion of all that they had
    won including control of American commerce, American treaty-making, American
    trade policy, American defense capability, and much more.
    Our states were thus effectively controlled by the British king and emasculated,
    indeed, castrated in international jurisdiction, even while our country was being
    born. By controlling our international defense forces, our foreign policy, our
    commerce, our currency, and our trade policies, the British king could do exactly
    what subsequent Monarchs have done---- use and abuse our resources, use our men
    and boys as gun fodder in wars for profit, use our women as factory and agricultural
    slaves, devalue our currency, and control our votes in every international assembly.
    From the Founding Fathers’ side of it, their deal probably saved more than half the

  2. loaf and forestalled yet another war with England. The crux of the matter was that
    the Americans had no Navy to protect shipment of their cotton, tobacco, ore, timber,
    wheat and other raw materials to Europe and the British stood at the dawn of the
    Industrial Revolution, starving for those commodities. Our lack of a navy to protect
    our commercial shipping and Britain’s lack of raw materials were the driving forces
    behind the adoption of The Constitution.
    It was a gross sacrifice of power, autonomy, and wealth on our part and a liability
    laced with rich benefits for the British king and the colonial investment groups---
    which included Americans, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin,
    and others you might know---on the other.
    That said, and the motives of the Constitutional Convention fully exposed, the
    participants did manage to save the entire land jurisdiction and also a very
    substantial portion of undelegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea
    for future generations. They chained the British king to an extent by setting limits on
    what we have fallaciously called the “federal government”, and by securing
    guarantees and obligations, including the obligation of the British Monarch to act as
    the international trustee of Americans on the High Seas and Navigable Inland
    The Constitution was executed by a group of Americans calling themselves “We, the
    People”. To grasp what this implies requires us to go back over two hundred years
    and learn some things we are never taught in school.
    The word “people” means “militia” in Hebrew.
    When Joshua conquered Canaan he led his “people” in battle----he was leading his
    “militia”. Our Forefathers knew this, and so, when they said, “We, the People” they
    knew that it meant “We, the Militia”---an important point that tends to be lost on us
    Unlike an army, a militia has civilian officers. Also unlike an army, membership in a
    militia is a birthright.
    You are born as a member of a state militia.
    You will also notice that the word “People” in “We, the People” is capitalized.
    In contract law, capitalizing a word indicates a position of servitude or inferior
    political status.
    The men signing the Constitution were functioning as Fiduciary Deputies acting in
    behalf of their states, and thus were both “people”--- that is, members of their
    respective state militias, and, at the same time, public servants. That’s why in
    referring to themselves they used the capital “P” on “People”. Yes, they were
    members of the American Militia, but they were acting in a servile capacity while
    conducting the public’s business.
    So what “We, the People” communicates is really quite different from what everyone
    assumes. Unless you are claiming to be a member of a state militia serving as a
    business agent or fiduciary, you really shouldn’t be ramming around using “We, the
    People” to describe yourselves.
    All that said, all the lies and self-interest and double-dealing and double-speak
    revealed, if we sort ourselves out and assert our proper political status, The
    Constitution offers us a bulwark against tyranny even today and we would be foolish
    to cast it aside or undermine it in any way.
    Without the Constitution, we would be facing a most ruthless, powerful, and immoral
    adversary: a desperate rogue international commercial conglomerate which is highly
    motivated to murder its Priority Creditors----us, in other words.
    If we give the Federal Government an excuse to kill us by operating outside The
    Constitution they will profit five different ways:
    1. First, they won’t have to pay us back what they already owe us----which is many,
    many trillions of dollars.

  3. 2. Second, they will collect on million dollar – often multi-million dollar life insurance
    policies-- they’ve placed on each one of us, naming their own precious corporation as
    the beneficiary.
    3. Third, they will seize and profit from all the “abandoned property” that would
    result from a Civil War.
    4. Fourth, they will avoid paying the retirement benefits they owe to millions of Baby
    5. Fifth, they will charge the survivors for the “service” of killing us.
    They’ve been trying for several years to get some kind of conflict going. They’ve
    tried race hatred, religious hatred, sovereign citizen phobias and false flags--- all
    without success. They would like nothing better than to have us start something for
    The one thing standing in their way is the Constitution.
    That is why any reckless talk against the Constitution or actions undermining the
    Constitution plays into the hands of those who have defrauded and misused us for so
    long and who in fact owe us so much.
    In my opinion, whatever fault there may be in the Constitution, it is subject to far
    gentler and more intelligent and certain means of reform than that provided by any
    sort of insurrection.
    The first question then, that each of us must answer is----do we support and defend
    the Constitution, and proceed within its established framework to restore a fully
    functioning American government, or do we, as some have suggested--- throw the
    Constitution out with the bathwater and tread the same bloody road our forefathers
    were forced to endure for eight long years?
    My vote is to support and defend the Constitution, while seeking its full enforcement
    and eventual reform, but there are voices raised among us who would have us
    abandon the necessities of obeying The Constitution. These voices appeal to our
    egos and our anger. They preach their own new gospel and they say that the people
    can do anything they wish to do, change anything they want to change, simply by
    taking a vote and a show of hands---- even such a sloppy ad hoc show of hands as
    you can get on a teleconference call. This, we are told, is sufficient to set new
    national frameworks in place.
    I must ask of which nation, because it certainly isn’t mine.
    No need, they tell us, to build an actual functioning restored government for the
    organic states. No need to consider the tens of millions of Americans who have no
    inkling of what we are discussing, who are not participating, and who have just as
    much right to know and to take action in the own behalf as we do. No responsibility
    to conduct honest elections. No need to honor anything from the past. No need for
    Due Process. No need to respect the requirements of The Constitution. No need for
    the Rule of Law. Everything, they say, is just whatever we say it is.
    No doubt that these same people believe that we have rights without responsibilities,
    and protections without duties, and can rule without obligation to anything or anyone
    but ourselves. They are, mostly without knowing it, preaching anarchy and
    insurrection and the destruction of the union of states--- not restoration and
    empowerment of the actual counties and states, not the resumption of effective
    Checks and Balances.
    To me, the American Government is like a magnificent V8 engine that is presently
    running on only two cylinders. I view it as our job to restore it and get it running
    right. It requires us to be good mechanics, know our job, and use the right tools.
    And we have inherited all the necessary tools.
    Just as it would be foolhardy to try to fix a gas engine without understanding its
    parts and how it works, we cannot restore our rightful government without
    understanding its parts and how it works, yet the Pied Pipers among us want us to
    believe that no such hard work on our parts is required.
    I have the unenviable and unpopular duty of telling everyone that a lot of hard work,

  4. soul-searching, and education is necessary, that you can’t just hand-wave your way
    to a fully functioning American Republic after 150 years of fraud and neglect. It’s
    going to take a lot of effort by a lot of people to restore America, and if we don’t do
    it right, there is the very real danger that our remaining two cylinders will blow up in
    our faces.
    The American Government --- as opposed to the US Government --- is set in a much
    larger framework than just the structures and provisions established by The
    Constitution. Remember that The Constitution deals only with the set up and
    running of the United States---- a corporation responsible for providing nineteen
    delegated services. Important as that chunk out of our loaf is, it says nothing about
    our land jurisdiction and says nothing much about our retained non-delegated
    powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea, beyond the bald statement
    provided by Article X.
    The Constitution tells us how the delegated services are to be provided and
    organized and monitored and paid for and how the “Federal Government” is to be
    limited and all that it is obligated to be and do--- and says nary a word about our
    own state and county governments ruling the land jurisdiction, nary a word about
    the exercise of the non-delegated powers retained in the international jurisdiction of
    the sea by our union of states.
    Why is that? It’s because those topics are simply not the subject matter of The
    The Constitution is all about our deal with King George and who gets the juicy
    government services contracts pertaining to that agreement and who controls what
    aspects of international affairs, what the states are owed, and what they pay in
    Why, then, would The Constitution talk about our own national state governments
    operating the land jurisdiction of this country? Or even about the undelegated
    powers in international jurisdiction retained by the people and the states under
    Article X?
    It wouldn’t and it didn’t.
    Generations of Americans have scoured The Constitution looking for answers how to
    fix our broken government, but that is like reading a book about Barn Building, when
    what we really need to know is How to Raise Cows. The subjects are somewhat
    related, but only obliquely. Instructions for building hay mows and stanchions and
    waste gutters give information by inference, but don’t directly instruct us in what we
    need to know.
    So in Article IV, The Constitution defines the evils of Bills of Attainder and forbids
    them, and in Amendment VII makes it clear that the American people are owed
    Common Law Courts, and in Article X it mentions that the states retained
    undelegated powers not granted to the new United States government, but doesn’t
    tell us how to object to Bills of Attainder, or which kind of “Common Law” Americans
    are owed, or give us a list of the powers that the states and people retained.
    So far as the writers of The Constitution were concerned it was assumed and we

  5. were expected to know all that for ourselves—but somewhere in the mass confusion,
    deceit, and fraud of the Civil War and the Reconstruction Acts---- we forgot.
    We forgot who we are, what our states are, what their jurisdiction is, how their
    powers are exercised, how they are meant to operate, and how to exercise the
    power of checks and balances. And it’s the same way with our counties. We forgot
    that the counties are the domain of the people and that the counties in turn control
    the states.
    Instead, the self-interested vermin in DC contrived to turn everything around and
    upside down, to usurp upon our lawful counties and states and replace them via
    fraud and deceit with corporate franchises willing to do anything and everything their
    parent corporations in the District of Columbia demand. They even contrived to
    mischaracterize us and our political status, to demean and defraud us by the use and
    abuse of unilateral and undisclosed contracts to entrap, ensnare, and enclose upon
    the very people these monsters are hired and paid to protect.
    So here we are in 2017, finally dispensing with the fog and corruption and
    destruction of the Civil War, finally getting rid of the carpetbaggers, and working to
    see our rightful government restored.
    Let it be noted that the Missing Pieces are all on our side.
    The US Government created by The Constitution is corrupt and arrogant and lawless
    after 150 years of running wild, but it is still kicking. It’s the American Government
    that is MIA.
    It’s the actual American states that no longer answer roll call and act to prevent
    federal usurpation of their power. It’s the actual American counties that no longer
    lawfully assemble and do the job of directing the states. It’s our government that is
    on the ropes, firing on only two cylinders----and it’s because our counties and states
    have been enfranchised and unlawfully converted by the so-called “federal
    government” into mere franchises of their own commercial corporations that Checks
    and Balances no longer work to prevent federal overreach, usurpation, and
    It is because we have ignorantly allowed ourselves to be called “citizens of the
    United States” and allowed our political status to be misrepresented and
    mischaracterized, too, that we are oppressed and abused and presumed upon by
    these foreign interlopers.
    If we are to restore our rightful government and learn to use the power of The
    Constitution we are owed, we must first restore and hone the American
    Government--- the lawful, unincorporated counties and states of the land
    jurisdiction, and restore ourselves as the people of our respective fifty nation-states.
    The key is in our hands. It is up to us to turn it in the lock.
    See this article and over 400 others on Anna's website
    To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

  6. Now that you have changed your clocks and think about spring get your shovels waxed/wd40/or silicone them for the work they will need to help you do.
    Like it or not more snow is on the way,get ready.
    MILK,BREAD,EGGS, Hold the panic till the lights go out.
    At least the shovels will be ready.
    The issue foremost will the plans the BOS have put in place help or hurt the cleanup efforts?
    With fewer staff and less equipment/spare parts and other things the DPW now has a shortage of what will be the outcome.
    Longer cleanups and more breakdowns?
    Roads not plowed in a timely manner?
    Will the cost of cleanups be increased and the plan of change be a mistake?
    Does this years Snow and Ice expense make a case to increase the budget to reflect the real cost to the needs.
    One has to wonder if the Advisory or the BOS can see the needs for more revenues and ask for a over ride to fund increases and not cut another budget item again.
    The people have been told over and over about the level of services and the funds to provide it.
    When was the last try to get the funding needed.
    Prop 2.5 override ?
    Why not ask and leave it up to the voters to say no.
    It's their town and their money.
    Ask for a over ride and make the case to the voters why we need the funding.
    Are we stuck with the thought we can cut our way out of this issue or will we try to work it out with both.
    For the cuts will hurt all not just those cut for times like we will see next week.
    Monday the Insurance Advisory Committee will meet to talk about the 13%+ increase for the health insurance the town and town workers will need to pay.
    So do the workers take another hit in the pay check for the increase or do they take a double hit with a % increase along with a premium % increase.
    One thing for sure is it will eat up the last raise we got quick.
    As i read the minutes for the Light dept commission meetings the general manager is looking out for the retirees as they are on a fixed income and would struggle to make ends. So with a 80K + pension and double the average pay for highway how would it be the ends can be so far away for the ones who now do nothing for the town. Compare to the other town employees we will pass the same cost to workers as the retirees and over the next several years add 1% increase of the percents to pay by them on top of the premiums cost.
    When will the BOS and the Advisory askd the taxpayers for more revenue?
    If it was for the schools it would be the first agenda item and pushed to the max.
    Would it not?
    Questions need to be asked and the only one i know right now is when will they ask for a override.

  7. David,

    Why is it that public employees feel that Health care increases are someone else responsibility and raises should be "above" that.

    How about we remove health care entirely from the employment arena and make everyone attain their own. Why should I as a Taxpayer pay for town employees healthcare? Should I pay their mortgage? Car Insurance?

    Everyone should be covered by a basic policy. If people want to increase coverage it should be on them. The concept of a unionized town employee complaining about raises barely covering health care increases pisses me off. Try living on Social Security. The average increase was $3 a month. The town tax rate increase is going to be 1000% of their yearly increase, so whah, to the unionized employees.

  8. Hey, this might have help Julie a few months ago.............

  9. Sorry Bob you have a different opinion then others do.
    My point was the L+W management seem to take care of their people on our backs and the town elected won't ask for the majority of voters opinion.
    I earn every dollar and benefit i receive whatever the amount.
    You had the chance like all others to do your best.
    I couldn't care less of you're outcome.
    You could have saved as the cost for the health care was nothing compared to today and the historic cost increases we now see.
    So suck it up buttercup,you made the bed your in and i will do the best for the town i can.
    I guess in the real world, Bob M
    The people would be paid minimum wage and be glad to have a job?
    The people at highway have taken a step back when the wage issue has been discussed.
    Your 3.00 at least covered the raise in cost of your insurance.
    Why should a broken system give you a dime more?
    Can you live on less,why would we be able to?

  10. Wow, someones got anger So the next time you guys come up for a raise my suggestion to everyone to tell you to "suck it up buttercup".
    I paid my insurance my entire working life. You say I could have saved, huh, I was paying more for my insurance 20 years ago then you are now and the $3 increase doesn't cover insurance increase.

    Why Should taxpayers care about you David, you dont like the pay, health care, get another job, not my problem. You choose to be a town employee, well the towns broke and employees suffer when a corporation is financially strapped, why should a town employee be any different?

    You whine with Jeff justifying your union contract. You seem to feel you deserve boots, clothes, cleaning services from taxpayers for doing your job, why? Public unions abuse taxpayers and should be done away with.

    By the way David, I'm doing fine and not whining to taxpayers. Tell me why you as a town employee are worth more to the taxpayer because your insurance (of which we pay most) is going up. Since we pay most of your insurance costs should all increases be against your salary?

  11. I guess in the real world, Bob M
    The people would be paid minimum wage and be glad to have a job?

    See what you can keep for employees if there are better offers elsewhere.
    It was at one time employers wanted to keep and lure employees with benefits and salaries for long time employment. Experience and ability would be rewarded with compensation. I'm not sure how Bob got through life or what he did but the choices we make build our past history and we all own our future. Weather it be for this town or private/self employment or the like it will be mine and what i make of it.
    Just like Bob did all by himself.
    All contract items are on the table for our elected officials to approve.
    If they want to offer less pay and less benefits how will that sound to the workforce that will do the labor.
    We as a public union are not allowed to strike but will all come in and do our jobs without a contract for long periods of time.
    Templeton highway and sewer local 39 employees have all gone above and beyond to serve this town and earned every dime and boot allowance we collected.
    If the people who turn out to vote for the elected officials were more involved the budget balance act would be different.
    You get the government you vote or don't vote for.
    Taxes are to low and should be raised.
    We need people who will tell the truth in Templeton.

  12. David, one big difference between my and your thinking is that you appear to assume our money is well spent therefor we need more to improve our situation. I on the other hand believe our money has been poorly spent, poorly managed and we are now about to pay the piper.

    You mention local 39. You say it encompasses both highway and sewer workers. I say, why? If I'm not mistaken they are paid out of 2 different piles. One (highway) being tax rates and sewer by rate payers. Do they have same contract? WHY?

    How much money has been wasted by poor planning and execution of projects in this town in the past decade?

    Taxes will go up David and probably by 30% but it will only cover present liabilities. The town is broke because of bad management, not lack of tax revenue.

    What stake does a elected official have in saving money on the union contract? Does the elected official have any skin in the game?

    What about our schools, are they run efficiently? I don't believe so from what I've seen.

  13. local 39 use to be water sewer highway combined.
    Split for the problems of billing is what i have been told and lack of resources to operate it correctly. For the regulations required and licenses needed also made the
    need. Ask littleton why they were first L+W when GS ran that department. MONEY??? But we voted to investigate it and those pesky politicians just swept it under the rug,not wanting to point the finger at themselves.
    The contract has section that deal with departments and wages that differ in raises and also steps and conditions. Contract is for all to view on the town website.
    Ask why we don't see the Light and Water contracts. It should be there along with all others over 5,000. but are not. This is a law again as i told the voters that isn't followed.