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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Short Recap of Templeton Politics or How's that "Change" working out for you?

Short Recap of Templeton Politics 

At the last meeting of the Liars Club   on Monday March 27, 2017
more good news was presented. 

The quest for a permanent town administrator will continue as contract negotiations broke with Mr. Becker. After expending over $14,000 on the Collins Institute to run the last search, when only $8,500 was budgeted , our intrepid leaders unanimously decided to "reopen and extend " the search for a permanent town administrator.  Seems like a quest for the Holy Grail.

So what could possibly go wrong? How's that "Change" working out for you? Do Your Job!

Let's keep the interim town administrator on board, that's a great decision! Fortunately for the assistant to the town administrator, her untimely death was short lived. 

How about that elementary school project? How's that going? Plan C? A USDA loan you say? You mean one of those 40 year deals? At what percentage rate? Time for a Plan X  as in EXIT. This boondoggle has gone on long enough!

How's the search for a Fire chief going? "September we will have a new fire chief" according to John Caplis. He never did specify what year! Former Fire Chief Ray LaPorte did not RESIGN. The Liars Club, in their infinite wisdom,  did not renew his contract! Yes, there is a difference!

 Speaking of contracts, how about the time stamp in the selectmen's office ? Wonder if that is fixed yet? What's the big deal? It's only off an hour! The workaround for that is to split projects so they don't have to go out to bid! Then who needs an accurate time stamp! 

How about those audits? Those audits that were supposed to be completed by now? FY 13 is $1,000,000 in the hole. More surprises in store?

 How's that "Change" working out for you?


  1. Did you read yesterday's paper about Hubb. And conflict of interest.
    How is that any different than Chartier working for the town and charging what he wants

    1. With the inspector general's people coming to town, maybe that would be a question to ask. No one should have to ask those kind of questions, especially if they have worked in Town Hall for any length of time. These people should have known better. The biggest problem I had with Markel was this idea that because it was the "selectmen's office", they were the "superior board" and could do what they wanted. Now I am sure the people in high places, like in Boston, may not agree with that idea. All of the wheeling and dealing that has gone on in the past has done nothing but make matters worse, maybe prolonged the reality, that we as a town cannot generate enough money alone. Change is absolutely necessary, like it or not. Bev.

  2. Can anyone tell me who is responsible for filling boards/committees in town? The reason I ask is the towns website has "cable advisory committee" as the only committee with a vacancy.

    As far as I know the "Capital Planning Committee" has not had filled the community member slot and doesn't advertise it, why? To avoid quorum?

  3. I think the cop in Hubbardston gets a pay check or is he a volunteer like chartier?
    Would a paid position have a conflict over a volunteer non paid.
    I could see if chartier was to decide on a issue for his company permits being a problem.
    If chartier has done work in the past it would be the same as Moschetti and it's ok as he didn't use his planning board position to push into any new situations.
    Moschetti has no issues and with his son as sewer chairman?