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Monday, March 13, 2017

Override ?

Would you support an override in Templeton?  


  1. Until we get our government under control, a budget that is real, and learn to live within our means, I say no. I have been fighting to get our members of the Select. Board to stop spending money we do not have. This has not happened, so as a result many of the departments that we rely on have been hurt, and will be hurt in the future. If the money from the state, that we rely on to keep the Town running is cut in the future, it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Someone has to explain to the "school people" the reality of the situation, and just maybe apologize for leading them into thinking that this Town can afford any more debt. Bev.

  2. Keep it clean the children could be reading this.
    Is the reason for the majority being no due to the low rates over the years?
    Do we feel the past should resemble the future?
    The reply is what i would have thought it would be.
    But as we try to keep the quality employees we have it should be know they are trying to earn a living just like all others have.
    The failure of the balanced budget is a multi issue and will need more than just cuts to fix.
    However we slice it the pie has a piece missing every year.
    This town has failed over time due to low taxes and wants from the public.
    Schools,Senior center,police and highway are all a piece of the pie but the revenue explanation is where we have been short from the start.

  3. Really!!!
    wow Dave looks like your heading to the dark side.

  4. Jeanne's answer is the most honest this blog has had for a long time!!! I think it states what we all think!!! I do however agree with david on the children point!!!

    1. I understand how people feel, and if you think about it what do we have to show for the money we have spent ? Not Town hall. If it wasn't for Dave, Jeff Bennett, Will Spring, Doug Morrisson, Julie Farrell and her husband Pete, along with Ashley and Kevin Bird, we would not have that either. These are the people who did all of the work. Other than Doug, not one selectman lifted a finger. We have blown a bundle on 252, yes we are still paying for that, how much on getting our books straightened out ? Big bucks, for that and the audits. Then we have money the TA has spent on evaluating the people for Fire Chief, Town Administrator, plus looking for a person to fill the seat. I almost forgot we spent money evaluating two people for the Highway Superintendent. All money we did not have in any budget. It is not how much money we have to spend, it is more how you spend it. We need leadership that will be responsible, and we have not had that in years. We need selectmen that have a clue, and are not willing to follow the TA off a cliff. He will be gone and we are here, to live with what he leaves behind. Bev.

  5. Bev, I couldn't agree more. What about the boiler issue, the windmill, the senior center, 252 and this new elementary plan. Our towns budget, our town meeting, nothing runs correctly. None of these projects have been managed well and have cost us more then estimated. Some we have seen no benefit from what-so-ever.
    Our managers give out raises with no money.We dont follow our own bylaws (capital planning) and seemingly our administration doesn't even want to fill the boards or committees or did we fill the capital planning boards citizens seat yet?
    These actions all appear to have a negligence about them, but it just keeps rolling.

    1. What really scares me as much as the things you have mentioned is the fact that people do not come to the Annual Town meeting ! This is important stuff. It is the "people's meeting". If people do not show up, special interest run the show. That is not usually good, but if they vote, and you do not, every one looses, anyway that is how I see it. Please help get people to vote, and come to town meetings. The way I see things, our town cannot go on like this much longer. We, all of us,have to work to get our finances straightened out, for once and for all ! Never mind playing games ! We have done that, over and over, and what did it get us ? More debt, no control at all over who is doing what ? Like a real plan for the future . I am too old to be upset about how things are done, any longer ! I have had it, and I hope you feel the same way. We need to get it right ! We need to demand that we get it right, this time ! Please support the Advisory Board, come to our meetings. Watch on tv. We are working for you. Bev.

    2. On a lighter side, how is the high school going to open 2 hrs. late ? It is 6:00 and I can't get out my door ? I cannot see out of my windows, first time in a long time ! I went out twice to fill my feeders. My poor blue birds are still here. I can hardly wait for the snow to stop. Spring can come anytime ! If anyone outdoor like to see American blue birds, take a ride up, better when the sun comes out. They are beautiful. Bev.

  6. Your highway team had business under control and your schools could have been open on time.
    Just a note for people who use the roads in Templeton. The road conditions are due to the hard work and devoted staff who where good boot with warm yellow jackets and have safety glasses they can see well with. Right little JEFFY!!!
    With a early start to the work day and a 24 hour shift that's how you highway team took care of the town business were tasked with.
    I might add with what we are allowed to have to do it with.
    Over rides needed for highway needs soon.
    But you all should know that should be the case.
    Check out the capital planning list.