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Monday, March 20, 2017



noun: windfall; plural noun: windfalls   
     an apple or other fruit blown down from a tree or bush by the wind.
a piece of unexpected good fortune, typically one that involves receiving a large amount of money.

"windfall profits"

synonyms:bonanza, jackpot, pennies from heaven, stroke/piece of luck, godsend, manna from heaven

"the inheritance from Uncle Larry was an unexpected windfall"

Now Templeton is informed there is a "windfall"; that there will be certified free cash as soon as the May Annual Town Meeting (May 13th).

In a recent Gardner News article John Caplis is quoted :" Selectman Chairman John Caplis said they were "all in agreement" with this, and that this money "was not going to be spent- period."
in reference to the "windfall".

So who to believe? 

The draft warrant for the annual town meeting was also distributed at the Joint Budget Meeting last Thursday (3/16/17). There are 28 draft articles in all. There is not an article to place the "windfall" money into stabilization. 

Stabilization is the account where you place money you do not intend to spend. You figure it out.

The budget presented is precariously balanced on certain assumptions. Those assumptions being:

The elimination of the COA director, Meals on Wheels program and the new job description of "Director of Community Services" who will be in charge of  four divisions:

1. Division of Boynton Public Library
2. Division of Senior Services
3. Division of Recreation and Culture
4. Division of Veterans Services

Looking at recent history in trying to hire a Fire Chief and a Town Administrator, it may prove very difficult in finding an individual who could fulfill all of these job requirements. Just sayin'

This is in addition to the money grab ($325,000) from the Ambulance Receipts Reserved account to be transferred for appropriation. 

So what is the plan to pay for a new ambulance? Gotta keep the cash cow fed or there will be no money going into the Ambulance Receipts Reserved account. Might want to look a little more closely at that Capital Plan.



  1. what i understand is that the 325000 is going in to the fire dept account to pay ambulance related bills for the year

    you have to appropriate it be for you can spend it

    1. More background documentation was needed to show what the ambulance appropriation is based on. It's been done the same for several years. I have requested that from the accountant and that it be explained so the public understands as well.

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    1. I sure hope there s a plan B and plan C. It is up to the voters of this community to decide these issues. A budget based on a lot of maybe's is running on a wing and a prayer. The lady from the library is going to run the Senior Center ? Kiss the food pantry and meals on wheels good by ? Let's see what the community says. If people in Town Hall are starving, then someone does not know what starving is, in my opinion. A budget based on real numbers better be somewhere. My opinion, Bev.

  3. Does anyone truly trust any numbers coming from our BOS or TA? Which ones have been accurate?

    1. If you went to the ATM last May, I think you would remember the members of the Advisory Committee, telling the voters the budget presented to them by the TA was wrong. No one listened, so money has been short all year. The BOS did not know the TA had changed the budget about 20 times, since they had approved it. I don't think some of the BOS had a clue as to what was or wasn't in the budget. Hopefully we do not have another budget like that again. Ask questions ! Do not be afraid to speak up. This is your meeting, and your hard earned tax dollars that will pay for everything. Bev.

    2. I want to see a room full of people at the ATM. Forty people does not cut it. After we, the AC have worked for the people in town all year, it sure would be nice to see support for a good balanced budget. If people do not show up, it is the people who do that get to say how your money is spent. Take a friend with you, remind your neighbors that it is time to go. People have died for the right to have our voice heard. I think people take the right to vote for granted. Don't do that. Bev.

    3. I agree. A room full. The merger with COA and Libray and Rec and cultural is ridiculous. It's not possible for one person to do all those functions as our residents will suffer. We better have a room full of people at the next few budget meetings.

    4. I trust the numbers coming from the accountant. The budget presented to the BOS and the Advisory, although I am happy we didn't get 20+ versions, seemed like a mystery reveal. The BOS as a whole didn't see it until that Thursday. I have many issues with the budget and it will be brought up as the dept heads discuss their budgets. I am not thrilled with this process this year either. I am happy the AC is there at the same time.

  4. We are NOT all in agreement, at least not me. I will not speak for a whole board. We did not vote on where the funds would go. I am not sure why it's even called a windfall. That was news To me. Julie beat me to it the other night about funds going to stabilization. I don't believe Julie said "all" the funds, but I am hard ofnhewting so maybe I didn't get that right. However, funds need to go to stabilization to help with s good bond rating. As Mr Columbus seemed concerned that it takes a 2/3 vote to take it out of stabilization.... well, it is taxpayer funds and they should have a say. I don't appreciate other board members speaking for me and my decisions. Thanks julie for coming on Monday and for your valuable input.