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Friday, March 17, 2017

Latest Budget vs Actual

Latest Budget vs Actual 

More information will be forthcoming from last night's joint budget meeting. The electronic version of the budget will be available next week.

For those detail fanatics and penny pinchers out there, HERE is a copy of the most up-to-date Budget vs. Actual.

Another rather alarming detail emerged from a review of this Budget to Actual information. The amount voted for the feasibility study has been over expended by $119,816.12; while the elementary school project budget has been overexpended by $1,241,017.44  (from page 14)

So who signed off on invoices for this project when there wasn't/isn't any money to pay for them?


  1. I think it's time for the state to take over and let the chips fall things are out of control!

  2. To top that off, selectmen combine positions and departments to save money then they put forth adding two full time firefighters/EMT this year and two more next year with full benefits. Health insurance going up this year by about 11 to 13%. Seems like not much was gained other than to make room for fulltime ambulance people. More which cup is the pea under. Now Mike, just give up more of your tax dollars so Davey can have more free stuff and remember, these selectmen are solving issues. Wait til you see article 20 of the town meeting warrant.

    1. Like Jeff said, if Article 20 does not pass, this budget is down the tubes. I sure hope there is a plan B and maybe a plan C ! This is the people's budget, and everything left is for them to decide. Somehow I don't think our selectmen get it ! There will be no windfall again, if we can eak out any money after this disaster we have gone through. The credit card mentality is not a good way to run a town. Fill one up, and get another, without paying the first one off. I have said many times we do not have enough revenue to have all of the things every one wants, and I think you will find out that I am right. It is amazing that people have such short memories, but that is true also. Bev.

  3. What's article 20 about Jeff. Free boots for all the workers in town

  4. Is it just me or are others hearing the sound of flushing................Whose running this mess and by what authority did they spend more money than alloted?

    1. Beats me, but that is absolutely not OK. If the bldg. Committee did it, let them figure out how to pay the bills. If we have a dime, people want to spend a quarter !!

    2. Bev, It also appears people plan to spend quarters and only raise a dime in revenue. Neither works.
      Templeton need to have the audits complete, real numbers, true financial picture before we do anything. How are we coming up with tax rates. I thought a balanced budget was "law", but it appears we can just best guess it if we fail to do audits, balance our books, oh well, it doesn't really matter. Huh?

      Our administration has by passed By-Laws, left positions unfilled,spent unappropriated funds while playing 3 card Monty with employees and in my opinion lied to townspeople regarding the costs of funding the Elementary School yet no accountability.

      My opinion.............

  5. Draft warrant article 20: FY2018 operating budget. To see if the town will vote to appropriate the sum of $8,251,648.00 for the operations of the general government expenses for fiscal year 2018 and to meet said appropriation with a transfer of $49,314.00 of unissued bond proceeds originally borrowed for 252 baldwinville road , a transfer of $325,000.00 from the ambulance receipts reserved for appropriation ANTICIPATED receipts to be received by the treasury and the balance from taxation or to take any other action related thereto. First, this is a repeat of a familiar past group of selectmen, rob the cash cow, secondly and perhaps worst of all, is to propose to spend money you do not even have yet!, as in ANTICIPATED. There is suppose to be a chart from the town accountant to support this, but again, it is spending money not really in hand. Remember, this BOS is solving issues. Kind of looks like repeating actions of the past and suddenly the light & water is again going to "help out the town" Looks like more buying of political favor to keep the sheep in line. You make your own guess or conclusion (s). So it is worse than more free boots.

  6. Hey Jeff,

    Any idea how you "transfer" anticipated money? I'd personally like to transfer some anticipated money This is insane!

    This all seems a little, well, anticipated. How are we planning to spend this cash, that cash from this fund and that fund when we haven't had an audit in 5 years and dont know where anything truly stands.

    On a completely serious note. How the hell can any representative of the town spend money not allocated by the town.

    Another question might be, why wasn't any money allocated. I personally like answers to both sides.

    From a quick glance it appears our town leaders are proposing a 13% spending increase for the towns budget. $7,309,910 from last years town meeting to $8,251,648. How is this being done. Where are these additional revenues coming from?
    I've read the school is looking for more money too, so how is that part of the appropriation going? Last year was $6,333,626.

    So is Templeton going to be looking at an increase of over 10% in its budget while not even starting to deal with past issues from audits, school funding delinquencies and the proposed police station, etc, etc...........

    Someone needs some prozac!

    1. The word is that the audits are close to completion, so that is why Carter thinks we are going to have a windfall. It is amazing how fast he can talk when we get close to things that he may not want questioned. This budget will take some significant time to go over. Lots of questions to ask, one being where is the money coming from, and how good are these numbers ? Bev.

  7. Lots of questions to ask!
    How big of an override will we need for the schools this time to cover the 380k they say they need. This time the public know how to get the real numbers we have to pay them.
    Intelligent people like Bernie Heine dug deep and found out the lies told by Miller and company. Will all the members of the select board follow the lead of the new Superintendent or will the town let the real numbers be known.
    I think members of the Advisory committee need to do their homework on this big amount and leave the staples and paper clips alone.
    Show us the numbers for the NRSD with the other amounts left off the last time around when we were not informed like we should have been.
    The article in the paper was that a teacher cut was on the way. Was it with the 380k increase or a tool like used in the past to make people panic and give the increase with no questions asked.
    How about it Advisory whats the real number for effort this time around?
    Will the new contract the teachers just got be the reason for the teacher cuts or the lack of funding by the towns next budget.
    Lots of questions to ask.
    Answers are expected!

  8. So lets let Jeffy find out the real school amounts and advise about it.
    Can the copy an paste be used for that report Jeffy. If you tell the people enough time to put them to sleep it could just pass. Your over ride that is.
    Would that number be a million this time too?
    Funny when it was presented a couple years ago it was a different tune then.
    Ok so advise us the numbers and get the job you should be doing done.
    Cut and paste only gets you so far.
    Your not there yet jeffy.
    Maybe John's can sit and get you to understand how the school runs the town and the boards just get along with it.

  9. Maybe John's can sit and get you to understand how the school runs the town and the boards just get along with it.
    Call Bernie if you need some help with things.Just what we need is more transfers at the end of the year for staples and paper clips.
    I'm sure the supplies entail more than you could realize.
    I guess it will be more of the same in Templeton for some time to come.
    Or we may get lucky and people may quit and open up for some who can make a difference.
    Copy and paste!!!

  10. You got their budget the other night if you were listening it was 380k over last year.
    So what are the real numbers ?

  11. As far as the school budget for NRSD goes, a good place to start would be with the Division of Local Services. Ask DLS to check and verify the numbers for the "Additional Local Assessment" ( $811,739.00 ) as presented in the draft warrant.

    Is Templeton's assessment for Monty Tech being left off the calculation AGAIN?

    Division of Local Services has no skin in this game. It's just numbers. Ask them to verify the calculation.

  12. There are two john's on the BOS i refer to as help if you need it again. As one who has a connection on school issues and the other on town issues. It seems most of the misunderstandings are due to a simple talk and not what we see above over and over again and again.
    Cut and paste all you want butt,a simple call like they told you again and again could go a long way.
    Try it,it may be what Templeton has been lacking.
    Or does it feel better for you to criticize and not work things out.
    kind of low even for you bennett.
    On the office supplies thing i think you do as i thought in the past need some help.
    Ask for a list and let us know how much advise you have on that topic, if any!
    Again the increase was 380. if you were alert when we were told.
    So what is the amount to advise for the school are we going down the same road as the 500k budget crisis that was unsolved?
    Please advise before another repeat of yesteryear.
    Remember Jeffy?