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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

FY 18 Budget (draft)

FY 18 Town Budget  (Draft)


  1. Lots of interesting information in here. Next joint budget meeting on April 3rd.

    This budget is based on a number of assumptions. You know what happens when you "Assume".

    1. Assume, is another way to say this budget is riding on a wing and a prayer. Winging it with the hope that all of the numbers are correct. Praying that the School Committee will give in and knock off another 50K, after they level fund their budget. Any of these assumptions that do not work out, changes this budget, not for the better. Using 1950 technology today in 2017 is hard to justify, especially when this piece of work will go through more changes than it's author ever dreamed about when it was put together. Bev.