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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Time for the way back machine!

Time for the way back machine!

Speaking of unfunded pension liabilities ...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Worcester County Retirement System

Worcester County Retirement System

( you should be so lucky as GPS)

Saturday’s blog entitled “more questions from “Just Wondering” , the first comment referred to an article in the Worcester telegram about the Worcester county retirement system. For those of you who no longer subscribe to newspapers, the first page of the article  describes some of the issues with the unfunded liability of the pension system. On the second page of the article, please read it carefully. On the chart please note the retirement benefits to Gerald P. Skelton.

This exceedingly generous pension was brokered by the TMLWP. Chapter 93 Acts of 2000 (hostile takeover of water department from Templeton BOS aka “The Scam”) was instrumental in creating this pension for GPS.

Please attend tonight’s Light and Water meeting at 6:00. Both the Water department agenda and the Light department agenda list an executive session to discuss a strategy session for non-union personnel. I wonder whose pension will be padded this time?

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  1. In my opinion Ch93 Acts of 2000 could not have happened without a liaison between the Light Company and State Senator Steve Brewer. That liaison most likely was Selectman and Chairman of the Democratic Committee Mr. John Columbus. John's dad at one time ran the Light department and from what I have been told did a fine job. Using municipal funds for a ballot election violates campaign and finance laws and is believed to be a felon. Mr. Columbus has cost this town plenty with his unilateral decisions on just about everything. I congratulated Mr. Columbus on his decision not to run for Selectman as I thought this was in the best interest of the town but Mr. Columbus will still be busy with his Chairmanship of the Democratic town committee much to the town's detriment.