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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lying Liars Strike Again!

Lying Liars Strike Again!

 Below is the posting from the town's website regarding the opening and closing of the annual town meeting warrant (May 13, 2017):

This notice was posted at 8:44 am on February 14, 2017. Article II - Town Meetings Section 5:

The warrant for both special and annual town meetings "shall be open for a minimum of 14 days before closing and posting the warrants." You do the math. Wouldn't be the first time there was a mathematical error in posting the warrants!

 According to a long standing Farrell tradition of submitting citizen petitions  for the annual town meeting warrant, I went to town offices at around 6:30 pm to submit four citizen petitions.

The Selectmen meeting was in progress. Instead of disturbing the meeting, I approached the town clerk to see if she would accept the citizen petitions. The town clerk kindly got the assistant to the town administrator to open up the selectmen office so I could submit my citizen petitions.

According to the notice on the town's website my citizen petitions were time-stamped. When I got home, I noticed the time stamp was incorrect!  FEB 27 PM 7:48 Such a surprise!

Which is why I sent the assistant to the town administrator this email:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Julie Farrell

Date: Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 7:23 PM
Subject: Time stamp on citizen petitions
To: Holly Young
, Holly
Cc: Jeff Bennett

Hi Holly,

 I dropped off four citizen petitions and you time stamped and gave me copies. When I got home I noticed the time stamp was incorrect.

The time stamp is 7:47 pm . You time stamped them at 6:47 pm.
The time stamp on this email will be 7:24 pm. I do not have a time machine.



Can't Make This Sh%$ Up! 

A bigger and more disturbing question is the inaccuracy of the time stamp. This is a big problem. When projects go out to bid, the bids are time stamped as they are received. There is a drop dead date and time that all bids must be submitted by. If a bid is received too late, then that bid can not be accepted. The way to verify when bids are received is to time stamp the bids as they come in.

Maybe this issue will be covered by the  Inspector General  training on March 8th?


  1. Can just anyone change the time on the time stamp at the Selectmen Office? There are many questions that this type of behavior brings up. It could of course just be a simple mistake by how handy for those against citizen petitions. Breath easy folks the fluoride petitions have been submitted. Hopefully they will make the warrant.

    1. I smell a rat, and it is not swimming in the Otter River. I also know someone has gone a step too far. Enough with the "Superior Board" bullshit. We cannot allow this kind of behavior to go on...People have a right to be able to vote on any issue, and they will. Ever see a rat stuck on one of those sticky sheets ? Well, I do think we have a rat stuck on one in Town Hall, and she did it by herself. Or did she have help ?

  2. Maybe the time stamp just never gets adjusted for daylight

    So our search for a full time TA goes on. Will Carter stay until we want him too? Really seems like our "town government" is circling the drain.

  3. From a very good source at Town Hall, it does seem that our high priced Administrator Assistant never changed her time stamp, since last November. You are right, Bob M. Does that mean everything she has stamped is illegal ? Between splitting jobs to avoid going out to bid, now not doing what she should have, to make any document, true, what do we do ? Let this behavior continue ? I say NO ! My opinion, Bev.

    1. My feeling about Carter is the same. Throw everything he has in a trash bag and put it on the steps ! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I see we have a plan C ? Oh goodie, another 40 year loan ! We cannot afford a $800.00 ad in the Gardner News, but we can afford a 40 year loan ? For one thing, no one voted for a plan C, so a visit to the ballot seems to be on the adjenda. Bev.

    2. Bev. I couldn't agree more with you feeling about our TA. Ba bye!