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Friday, February 3, 2017

Basic Math?

Basic Math?
Latest update from the interim town administrator:

 So " Finally, there comes a request for a transfer of $2,500 from the Reserve fund..."

Does THIS look like a request for $2,500? 
 That looks more like a request for $7,500 from the "Development Services Director".

Is bad planning and budgeting an "EMERGENCY"? Does this request meet the criteria for a transfer from the EMERGENCY RESERVE FUND?

Is it even possible to get accurate information on the amount requested from the emergency reserve fund?

This is basic math. 


  1. Laurie and the Inspectors should not have to get caught up in Carter's wheeling and dealing. I do believe they will, along with the rest of the departments who are trying to survive. Get it right from the start ? Why do that, it would be to easy. I hope this will be a lesson for the people who really give a dam, If the Advisory Committee says the budget is no good, it is no good.

    1. Now the fight to try to make it through the rest of the fiscal year without showing the rest of the Town how much trouble we are in ! Who wants to bet they can't make it. If a problem is serious enough to cause injury, then any department should be able to come to the Advisory Committee for money, without interference from the "Superior Board". I also feel the budget vs actual should come right to the AC, without Carter checking it out first. It is what it is, or that is what it schould be !