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Friday, February 17, 2017


School buses carry the most valuable things in life.
So when I hear this story I thought I must share it and get the opinions of the blog readers.
So the story starts with a school bus stopped and red lamps flashing and stop sign out as the rescue squad went by without stopping.

I thought it could be an emergency at first and a life or death situation. Then I thought if there was a kid crossing and not seen it could be a life or death situation times two or more.
So when is it "ok" for anyone to pass by a stopped school bus with red lights and stop sign out?
If one need to ask they shouldn’t be driving. Under no conditions should this ever happen.

A Templeton rescue vehicle did just that and the operator was cited for it just recently. I wrote this blog to point out an issue we have in town. As some fellow employees asking me why a blog hasn’t been done yet or if it will.  I said I had some information and was unable to find out the facts for myself yet.
Now that I have found out the facts and know more than the word on the street I feel I should share.
It bothered me when I found out this was not the “only” town employee who had the poor judgment to pass a stopped bus unloading children. With the red lights and stop sign out also passed by a highway truck. There is no defense of such an action and unless your brakes failed you are in deep shit when caught. Both were caught ,cited and will have their hearings in due time.

So please weigh in and let us know if you think it’s ok to pass a school bus with reds lights on and stop sign out. What should the punishment be just a fine or suspension of license or both?
Twist this in when you think about it.
 If I were to add if it was in front of your house picking up your kids is it different?
Or if the bus was unloading your kids at the school,was it? Your kids!


  1. It doesn't matter where or who, if the lights are flashing STOP. Common courtesy of the bus driver should be that he closes the door and shuts the lites as soon as he is aware of the approaching rescue.
    As far as a highway truck passing when the lites are flashing, NOTHING they could be doing would warrant that. Hope they both get the maximum penalty.

  2. If first offense the Law says $250 fine. Second revokes license. I think for a town employee on the job to pass a school bus flashing red lights , well, the driver should not be able to drive a town vehicle, period. Should at least be banned from driving town vehicle until he does some driver training or education.

  3. I'm not sure but was told a fine of $255.00 us . For a CDL commercial driver it's both a fine and suspension of license for 1 -7 days. I guess it all depends on if you "fight" it and if the facts prove your guilty. If you fight it and don't win you could stand a good chance of possible employment problems.
    If the evidence wasn't strong enough the citation wouldn't have been written.

  4. The implications of these incidents are far reaching. Here we have a situation where an ambulance passed a bus with flashing light - a big NO NO. And then a highway truck passed a school bus with flashing lights another big No No!

    Now imagine an elementary school at Templeton Center with buses off loading students into traffic with lights flashing and police and or Emergency vehicles stuck behind these buses. But that will never happen! Right?