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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thank a COMMISSIONER for your new road?

Light Commissioners' Meeting
June 10, 2014
Members present were: Dana Blais, Chris Stewart
Employees present were: John Driscoll
The meeting was called to order at 6:20 p.m. by Dana.
The agenda was approved on a motion by Chris, seconded by Dana, 2-0 in favor.
Old Business;

The Manager had prepared for the Board an alternate proposal to the Town in lieu of a PILOT for
their FY15 operating budget
. He re-visited the offer of offering the Town the entirety of the Light
Plant's net income/surplus funds for their calendar year 2013 to fund a town roadway project of
their choosing for FY15 (roughly $41,000) AND ALSO for the Light Plant to fund all of the Town's
electric bills for FY15 (roughly $20,000) AND ALSO for the Light Plant to fund the Town's
streetlight expense for FY15 (roughly $24,000). The Manager stated that this would be a
contribution of
$85,000 to the Town for known line item budget expenses rather than the
traditional insertion of electric funds into their general funds. On a motion by Chris, seconded by
Dana, 2
-0 in favor the Board voted to make an FY15 Contribution to the Town in the manner
detailed above.

A representative from the Town's Recreation Department had been in attendance at tonight's
meeting in order to solicit from the Board a contribution from the Light Plant in the amount of
$10,000 for said department for the purpose of funding swimming lessons for some town
children. On a motion by Dana, seconded
by Chris, 2-0 in favor the Board voted to give the
Town's Recreation Department
$10,000 to fund their swimming lessons for town children (said
funds to be deducted from the previous $41,000 designated as the FY15 Contribution to the
Town for a roadway project). 
The road project was never done and to date we have no help on roads from the TMLWP.
They could do what has been done in the past and help with the equipment but chose to trade in used trucks for a 4,000.00 trade in towards a new truck.
The old screw platform truck they traded in could have been converted in to a catch basin cleaner or a utility truck to replace to old 1978 one we use now.
When they say say they help the town it's just the opposite. The town helps them to help themselves.
To date no road project funds have been donated by the TMLWP department of the town of TEMPLETON. With millions in reserve and refunds this year over 1/2 million will they find a way to donate at all other than the 6.125cent power they give away to the town.
That might cover the cost to the town to do the work the laws require the town does for them.


  1. So ask yourselves do your commissioner work for you the town and or the TMLWP department.
    For the ability to help the towns well being seem to be lost in their power struggle.
    If there was any concern for the town by this department they would put their petty differences aside and help out as much as they can. They could make the difference weather this town goes into the states hands is a very short period of time.
    If the state come to town to dictate our future the TMLWP may find a different rule book would apply.
    As the great Cramer says

  2. The Statements of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Position summarize our operating results and reveals how much income was earned for the year.
    As discussed in more detail below, our income for
    December 31, 2014 and 2013 was $518,870 and $209,977, respectively.

    Hard to say with no PILOT payment they couldn't do a road project or help out the town more than a little free power.