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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's in YOUR Vehicle?

Auto Loan Bubble Bursting, And Lenders Know Where Your Car Is At All Times


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No more for me if I can help it. I am keeping my car as long as I can. No more car debt for me. I am sick of debt.
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{Qoute} In July 2009, Amazon discovered two of George Orwell's books had been digitally uploaded to its Kindle e-book store by a company that didn't own the rights. Amazon pulled the e-books from its site and remotely deleted copies from customers' Kindles without notice. The retail giant did refund the purchase price, but Kindle users likened the remote deletion to Amazon coming into their homes, taking a purchased book from their bookshelves, and leaving a few dollars in its place. Was it legal for Amazon to virtually reach into users' private Kindle devices and delete their e-books from afar without warning? {End quote} -- at:
If you complain that their new model sucks, they just pull the kill switch and the car goes dead. Not only that, but they only sold you the physical car, not the software that runs it, so that gets deleted.
You shoulda' kept your big mouth shut.
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Wonder if some vehicles already have kill switches along with gps. Repossesion would certainly be easy.
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Yes, some vehicles with crappy loans do have kill switches.  I knew a woman who's car wouldn't start every time she was a day late on a WEEKLY payment.
I read the fine print on her (15% interest) loan document, and discovered they had to give her 30 days grace, and helped her get out of the crappy deal.  Shheeesh.
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Normally advanced GPS tracking devices do come with remote kill switch (GSM)
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Did I read somewhere recently that every person in the USA owes the equivalent of approx $6,000 in car debt? It's not a sub prime meltdown on the horizon compared to 2008, just an indication of the bizarre financialisation of just about everything that moves and how USA citizens can't exist (let alone thrive) without debt.
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This is a looming financial horror beyond measure, especially when added to the student loan life-consuming scam that has exploded between the U.S. Gov't, the FED bankster thugs, and the globalist crooks and con-artists populating Academia.
The common man is being eaten-alive by academia-imposed financial ignorance and greedy moneysuckers in every walk of life.
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Grab your wallet and hide your money just in case the government wants YOU to bail out all these corporations who made more bad lons to deadbeats.
I hope Trump lets them go bankrupt and jails the loan officers.
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Park your car, disconnect the battery - invisible.
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Locate the OBD port... and pull it!
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Provides useful diagnostic info.  Don't "pull it".
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What could go wrong?
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Surely owners the least bit knowledgeable would give these tracker devices a dose of 110v up their power supply lead?
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Just this past weekend, a big auto dealer in the Oklahoma City area was having a yuge sale of repossessed autos. The deal was, you come in, pick the vehicle you want, pay $57.00 and start making payments. They said banks would be on hand to assure everyone, even those with bad credit, got the vehicle they wanted. EEK!
Good thing I have three vehicles that have long been paid off. And no gps devices in them either. ;-)
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That is a typical sales shill, every market has a dealership claiming that every weeek.
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i smell another bailout
lots of unemployed unemployables tooling around houston in new government motors products
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Having a GPS tracker is one thing, but you still need to have the nerve to physically go repo the vehicle.
I've yet to see the flat trucks rolling, loaded with ill-gotten BMWs and Lexuses.
Flat trucks rolling, loaded down with pseudo luxury cars, looks like .... victory.
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We've become the Usurious States of did that happen?


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