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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jeff Bennett just so "you can"understand it, the GIC is a "commission" and is NOT a plan.

Jeff just so you understand the GIC is a commission and NOT a plan.
A plan is like Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The people who know these things and understand it voted after we were told there is no guarantee we could get a plan but only might get what we choose.

The price could actually have been higher after our pool of people were considered.
Our pool has had higher than normal high cost patients and that has like the workers comp increases been the factor in the cost increases to the town.
All towns offer good benefits to keep and attract employees as the wage scale we know is of a lower than private level.
Beat all the drums you want Jeff but in the end we know your history and how you come across

Jeff Bennett
Dave, you do not know me at all and if you recall, one reason I started this blog was because you stated on a post that if I did not to "tow the line" there would be one less administrator on Pauly's blog. Since I do not "tow the line", well here we are. Secondly, you may think you know what you will get from me, but you do not and you may as well not try guessing.

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