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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Financial Update ? 

Well wonders of wonders, the budget to actual was just released to the Advisory Committee as part of the Quarter 2 update.  Please note that the figures in the BvA are current as of 12/31/16 - a month ago. The Quarter 2 Report was dated 1/19/17.

Areas of concern:

So Snow & Ice is running a deficit as of 12/31/16. Unemployment is running low and will need a transfer from the Reserve account sometime in March - should be interesting.

Other transfers that may be needed - Town Counsel, Inspection services pay ( isn't that the office of developmental whatyoumacallit?) Long term debt principal/interest may need "further adjustment". 


Long term debt principal/interest may need "further adjustment". 


Isn't the next MFOB meeting March 8th? Shouldn't we know what "further adjustments" need to be made to our long term debt principal/interest BEFORE the Town of Templeton takes on an additional 

$47 million dollars of debt for the elementary school?


  1. "Other transfers will be needed"

    What accounts will have any money left in them to make transfers from?

  2. Maybe they have some more "found money" !! What is wrong with that picture ? Everything ! I see in todays Gardner News, Mr. John Columbus is not planning to run for Selectman in May. Why not ?? In my opinion, this person has led the Town down a path to debt, deeper than any it has had before. He has been instrumental in putting a project that the Town cannot even begin to afford, on the Town ballot, misleading the people in this Town. To add insult to injury, his behavior on the BOS has made the situation the Town was in, all the worse. Instead of working to stop the slide the Town is in, with his help and the rest of the BOS members, the debt has only increased. What does that do for the future of this Town ? Things do not look good. So John, after name dropping the wonderful people in his family, who did do their best for this Town, he is leaving. I will open the door. This is my opinion. Bev.

  3. So how bad off are we this time? Do we have any faith in the system we get only bad news from?
    With the financial teams a pay scale at a level for complete competence do we get it?
    How do we believe the numbers now after the end of last years news of a 200k shortfall.
    These added numbers won't be the only issues if things go like they have in the past.
    "Other transfers will be needed"
    What accounts will have any money left in them to make transfers from?
    Will the answer be "PAYROLL AGAIN"
    When will we know how bad off we are?
    When will the audits conclude and if they are all worse news who will pay the tab?
    The light department is getting 500,000.00 back from the nuke deals we were over charged for pensions. Do we think they will share/return/reduce our bills for the amounts we paid over the amounts we should have been charged?
    Will they use it to buy a battery to store power to build resiliency for the grid like Sterling and other municipals are and have.
    So will it be a added cost for labor and replacement when the time comes as they go bad and need to be swapped out with fresh batteries to sit and do nothing unless needed.
    Controlled by the ISO to help keep the price increase lower our light department pays for power so the price we pay now won't go up as much as the NG power people pay. You know just a little bit cheaper. With all the risks and expenses others never have for the same outcome. + a nickel