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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Highway hands tied again and again.

 Town Accountant
I have strong concerns that the vehicle expense account will not have enough funds in the account to repair and service the town fleet until June 30th. As you may recall $20,000 was taken from this account to repair a water pump on the Towns ladder truck. Without a transfer back to this account, vehicles will have to be parked until July 1st. If this happens the Town has only one mechanic, it will take time to restore service to the vehicles that need repairs.

So with the cost of fire equipment now added to the budget for town vehicles how do the funds stretch as far as needed? They don't!
When we raided the fire ambulance funds last year to pay the snow and ice bill did we get told of the possible short falls we now see?
So we cut the highway budgets and snow and ice budgets and the help so where are the fixes we were told would come after the action they took. We were lied to at town meeting last year when we were told the money we transferred from fire to snow and ice would not effect their operation. Has it?
I guess you could say they can't pay to fix their own equipment.
I guess with nothing to lose we may get more information from some people with nothing to lose. 
Is Templeton in a state of turmoil or is this the norm for a town that can't get it's shit together?


  1. Sitting quietly by, will, or does not cut it, when we let one little man, and a couple of selectmen sit back and let this guy tear our Town Government apart. A chair that seems to be led by the "echo of old", simply because he does not know better, or maybe is promised a paying seat on the TLW Board. Why not, I ask ? Worked for another Selectman ! Think about it. The reality is we are in deep shit, and the moves that have been made are not going to do much but undermine what little we have that is good and stable. Paying money we do not have to evaluate who is going to be Fire Chief ? What was wrong with Diane's motion to gather area Chiefs to do the job ? Doug had better grow a couple, he has been around long enough to know how it goes. So why didn't he second her motion ? Playing the fine line will not get this job done. Not making waves, will not protect his wife's job. It is time for all of the employees to stand together and protest the dysfunctional behavior of our TA and his followers. Our taxpayers have been lied to by two of our TA's, so it will be very hard to believe anything after this. People do know you and trust you, they will have your backs. Please stick together, for everyone's sake. Bev.

  2. Doug didn't second any motion as he was not there.