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Saturday, February 18, 2017

NEW Principal on duty for the Baldwinville Elemementary school?

 After no truth to the story quote 

As of 3-10-2017 still not on duty!


Rumor has it that the Templeton Elementary School Building Committee is in need of a new committee member.
Principal John  Graziano has resigned!

More Union pressure that the school could stand leads to the need for a new Principal

Has was placed on paid administrative leave? 
When the kids don't see him at school it's more than a rumor.
Teacher talk also lends to the discussion of whats going on.
Was the style of power like The former superintendent Miller?
Witness reports of prior claims find the school with  a new  Principal.
Well in the end the raise she gave when she left was short lived.
It should make some room in the budget for some pencils.


  1. The school has a good fill in from the middle school vice principal. The word is he is doing a fabulous job and everything is going smooth. He does have full plate and should be commended or recommended for the principals position. Whatever it is it's in the best interests of the kids and their education. Right!
    With out a school Templeton's under a watchful eye and has one foot in the pile of sh-t before any look see gets done here. The MFOB trip soon could put the town on a short chain and possible control of town issues we can't control on our own.
    On the one hand we have the worst schools and know it and admit it.
    On the other hand for the MSBA to throw in the towel on us goes against the mission they have at hand. The worst off get in the front of the line. So if we are worst off and in need now they MSBA should work harder for us now more than ever. Will they?
    Our Bond and debt rates are the main issue and with the site pick also a issue we should be allowed to back up and do a project that fits what we can afford. A school that can be added to in the future and not a triple decker we can add a 4th story to.
    If the mission of MSBA has a override and we are dumped out of line shame on them.
    After all it is our money they use to do their work and through sales taxes raise it.
    If they don't adjust the way they run the ship they should be looked at and studies should follow. With out the means to fund there should not be any process allowed. For Templeton to spend this amount of money and get nothing in return is a broken process that has to get a second look at. It's not just about the vote and will of the people who want and need but the ability of the town as a business to pay for it.
    Every time you want it, it has a cost and a limit to what you can have and be able to pay for it. With "all" the Templeton debt you need to ask yourselves did we need the things we allowed to happen. The enterprises are Templetons enterprises and now we know it's Templeton debt.Right?
    So if asked to do more projects that require loans and bonds issued do you understand what it means to allow it?
    We have learned the hard way but were warned and i know it for a fact i warned us when i found out with the research i did on the co op wind project.
    We may find it odd but things are not as they appear in Templeton "STILL".

    1. The dirt hid under the rug, has turned into a mountain. Why did we allow ourselves to get into this position ? Maybe it is because we trusted people who have watched out for everyone except us, the taxpayers. Faith in our established Light Company has been crushed like a ant, under one of those big yellow trucks. The failure of people who still remember what this business was like and who it worked for, has made huge attitude changes in the past forty years, without the rate payers being aware of them. Working for the benefit if a few, is now the reason this business is going on. Long gone is the idea that the "Templeton Municipal Light works to give you the best product at the lowest possible costs". That died along with Mr. Kwansy. Mr. Dymek and Roger Houghton.