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Friday, February 3, 2017

Credible or Incredible. You Decide.

Credible or Incredible. You Decide.

Sit down and get comfortable. This narrative non-fiction report will begin.

Once upon a time, back in October 2016, Julie Farrell made a public request for legal invoices from the Town of Templeton for the dates August 2016 through October 2016. So began the long quest for public information. 

This case has been appealed at least three times to the Secretary of the Commonwealth.  See Open? Honest? Transparent? NOT!

I, Julie Farrell, was contacted today by Stephen W. Shorey, Staff Attorney Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Public Records Division. The phone call was in regard to a petition by the Town of Templeton for an extension of time to fulfill the latest order by the Public Records Division.

I agreed to think over this request after Attorney Shorey agreed to forward to me the Petition for an Extension. 

Here is a link to the Petition and the Petition itself:

My Response:

Mr. Shorey,

Thank you for calling me and informing me of the petition for an extension from the Town of Templeton to my public record request- SPR17/501.

I feel the quote by Mark Twain, " The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". applies to the statement in the letter from the Templeton Town Administrator re:  "...the death of the Assistant to the Town Administrator " .

To the best of my knowledge, confirmed an hour ago, the Assistant to the Town Administrator is amongst the living.

Furthermore, this issue could have been resolved if the interim town administrator and the "not dead yet" assistant to the town administrator had not been deliberately obtuse in complying with my public record request which I originally submitted in October 2016.

Therefore, I respectfully deny this request for an extension for SPR17/501.


Julie Farrell 

Can't make this shit up! 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I do think it is Holly's father that has passed, but this schould not hold up the running of the Selectmen's office. Maybe if Carter knew what his ADM assistant, was doing, this would not have been held up ! Not necessary at all. If these people have to hide anything from the people in this Town, yes we have a big big problem !

  2. Nice job Julie,

    Sunlight, is feared by those who choose to live in the dark. Appreciate your time and effort.

    Regardless of the "death" it should not require more than an extra 3 days. They want Julie to quit, miss a response, to start the clock again or void the issue. Keep shining the light in Julie.

  3. I'll miss Holly for sure. How does one make this big of a mistake?
    Did he even read what he wrote?
    Guess not or maybe he felt that it sounded better and more of a excuse.
    Things are not as they appear at new town hall.
    In more ways than one.
    I urge everyone who has a care about this town and fairness to attend the selectmans meeting Monday. After what we witness you may encourage a recall.
    Do we have a board out of control and keeping facts from the public?
    Julie is on to some of the facts and money is always part of it.

  4. So whats behind the door they don't want to open.
    My guess is the same as the election issue i uncovered.
    Has our super lawyer been asked to review a citizens petition against town bylaws.
    A clear violation of tax dollars use. A clear violation of town policy for the promotion of a united elected front. When were the meetings on issues in question.
    If there is a coverup there will be a strong united front against the people who have conspired to at all costs get their way.
    I seem to remember a town meeting that our lawyer with very little time had a opinion without being asked for it and no discussion was had to promote a answer why.
    We were denied a basic right at a town meeting and those responsible are what is so wrong with this town. It was not up to our select board to decide the petitions fate or the lawyer it would have been the body and it's vote after discussion and then the Attorney General to say it was or was not legal.
    I think i may be close or hit the nail on the head.
    I wouldn't blame Mr. Becker if he said i would rather walk away and decline the offer.
    To clean up two messes,is it worth it?
    Monday night you won't want to miss.

    1. This Mr. Becker has no idea of the depth of the bucket of swill he is about to enter. For the money that we did not have, but was spent anyway, who did we come up with ? Another person with 0 experience. Who will pull his strings ? The majority of the BOS, who has less than 0 knowledge of what the hell they are doing, and not enough intelligence to listen to anyone who would offer good advise to help them out ? So deeper and deeper our Town gets mired down in bad decisions, that hurt the Taxpayers in this Town, and make us the laughing stock of the entire region. This is my opinion, what do you think ?