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Saturday, April 29, 2017

252 Baldwinville Rd ...Revisited

252 Baldwinville Rd...Revisited

Management Letter

Some  information from the management letter regarding 252 Baldwinville Rd from page 15 of 31:

 "The Town has failed terribly in managing its capital projects and corresponding funding."

This should not be a surprise. For years, myself and others pushed to get an investigation into the purchase of 252 Baldwinville Rd and that entire project. I provided numerous primary source documents both on this blog and to the State. The issues to be investigated were "hot potatoes". NOTHING was done.

For a brief refresher consider below:

252 Baldwinville Road

These documents relate to the Municipal building Project at 252 Baldwinville Road.  Please click on the “blue links” and the documents will open up in a new window.
General Ledger accounts  for total cost of 252 Baldwinville Rd $761,042 including interest
K & P checklist for purchasing a municipal building
Municipal Lien certificate assessed value $366,650
Appraisal – not done
Building Inspection – not done
Settlement Statement – what did the town purchase for $399,925? Why is it higher than                                   assessed value?
E-mail as an Invoice – Who allows the release of $399,925 on the basis of an e-mail?
This e-mail thread  - electronic correspondence regarding USDA loan and 252 Baldwinville Rd.
USDA loan application – When did the BOS vote to apply for a USDA loan?
The Obligation of funds  - also signed by GPS. On whose authority?
Columbus letter to USDA – all communication through BC w/o a vote by the BOS
Municipal sub-bids – total cost of project now over 3 million + invoice for desks
Phase II  21E – Why was this 21E done AFTER the purchase and by the Town?
Please take careful note of the selectmen signatures on these documents. Look at the email thread. Julie Farrell was a selectman at this time; her name did not appear on the Purchase and Sale Agreement. 

Look at the Obligation of funds document . How could someone who was not a member of the Board of Selectmen sign a document for funds for 252 Baldwinville Rd project?

 "The Town has failed terribly in managing its capital projects and corresponding funding."


  1. Maybe the town should go after money or charge him with fraud. Was any "Town counsel" involved in this and why didn't they denote this oversight in legal terms?

    How does our town government through townspeople work so unencumbered by rules and regs? If true Gerald committed fraud in open daylight with the towns finances and it was honored, why?

  2. Thats really to simple of an answer. The BOS, Legal Counsel,etc,etc missed or let this slide. At this level its not called "connections" its called "corruption"!

  3. If it was K+P my opinion is connections.
    If it was our super lawyer you'll need to direct the question to his protector JEFFY!

    1. You have no idea of how hard people have worked to get this corruption taken care of, but maybe someone should ask Brewer why he did not work for our town , to get this done ! David is right, money, and political power has won the day. I could write a short story, and Julie and Pete could write a novel. Bev.

    2. The attorneys at the time were K&P. Shirrin Everett was the attorney who signed the Settlement Statement.

      Both K&P and Deutsch Williams are super lawyers. Town Counsel is controlled by the Board of Selectmen. If Town Counsel is not asked a question, they will not provide an answer. The Chairman of the selectmen controls who has access to Town Counsel.

      You might want to ask the chairman and former chairman of the selectmen why the detailed legal invoices were not available for the other selectmen to review before they signed off on the vendor warrant.

    3. The most ironic thing in all of this, is the fact that many of the things the DOR Report said we should do, have not been put into practice to this day. What is the DOR Report you may be wondering ? You do not have to dig far to find it. It is on the front page of Pauly's Templeton Watch, to the far left, of this article.