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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's Time For a New School Plan

Please review the warrant for the Annual Town Meeting in May carefully. A citizen petition has been submitted to

"rescind the action taken at the November 9, 2015 special town meeting whereby the voters authorized the Town of Templeton to appropriate, borrow or transfer from available funds, an amount of money to be expended under the direction of the Templeton Elementary School Building Committee for the purpose of paying the costs of designing, constructing, originally equipping and furnishing a new Templeton Elementary School located at 17 South Road, Templeton, Massachusetts..."

Is it time for new look at this plan?


  1. Many excellent points Mr. Chartier. In my opinion and for many reasons placing the new elementary school at the present Middle-High School is attractive. It would appear Phillipston may also be looking for a healthier place for learning. I'm not sure Templeton is that healthier place due to the water fluoridation but many people may disagree. By the way once again Templeton voters will have the chance to lift the veil of death that surrounds their town due to the poison that is added to the water supply at this years annual town meeting. When in doubt get it out.

    1. The projections that the Advisory Comm. looked at from the state do not look promising. Nothing is trending upward !! Nothing ! School projections and the number of people coming into our community will not increase in the future. Other communities are getting ready to deal with the projected decrease in students, so why are we planning a huge school that will end up empty, but still cost us more than we can afford ? Maybe things looked different when the school was planned, but things have changed. It is time that we caught up and planned something that was workable, and affordable. Think about that. Bev.

  2. I cannot understand how they can over spend like this and nobody's held accountable !!

    is there anyone out there watching out for the taxpayers ?? someone should go to jail or at least publicly humiliated !!

  3. Somebody better constantly check the TA math or whomever types this stuff cause it makes the town look stupid........

  4. TMLWP news

    Battery Storage Plan
    Battery Storage Event 4-13-17
    So we are now over leveraged as Mr. Chartier states above.
    We have been told by DOR and others our fiscal house is in disarray and still the TMLWP are looking to add a battery park which will cause more debt and cost to upkeep.
    When will they find out what the fire dept. will need to combat any issues it could cause. How big will the loan be for it.
    How far in the hole is the TMLWP now?

    1. Some day we will wake up and find out that we were not big enough to stay in the game with the big boys, but it will be way to late to do anything about it. These guys have taken care of themselves financially, and will not be hurting when the crash comes. As long as the people in this town are blind in one eye, and can't see out of the other, our Light and Water Commissioners will whistle all the way to the bank. How are they going to get a loan for this project ? Where do these batteries go after they are done ? If we have 60 empty houses and the L&W lost revenue from the Fernald School how are they making ends meet ? Good questions that do need answers. Bev.

  5. Education is a great value, schooling is a waste of money and time. For the past few years I have been running a series of articles from the book The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto. Here is the book in a nut shell from the author.

    John Taylor Gatto's Opus from The Underground History of American Education

    242. Gatto's Educational Opus Compendium or What Needs to Be Done About Public Schools by John Taylor Gatto
    Let me end this book, my testament, with a warning: only the fresh air from millions upon millions of freely made choices will create the educational climate we need to realize a better destiny. No team of experts can possibly possess the wisdom to impose a successful solution to the problem inherent in a philosophy of centralized social management; solutions that endure are always local, always personal. Universal prescriptions are the problem of modern schooling, academic research which pursues the will-o-the-wisp of average children and average stages of development makes for destructive social policy, it is a sea anchor dragging against advancement, creating the problems it begs for money to solve. But here is a warning: should we ever agree to honor the singularity of children which forced schooling contravenes, if we ever agree to set the minds of children free, we should understand they would make a world that would create and re-create itself exponentially, a world complex beyond the power of any group of managers to manage. Such free beings would have to be self-managing. And the future would never again be easily predictable.

    Here might be a first step toward such a great leap forward for human beings. Not a comprehensive formula, remember, but a first step: ContinueGatto