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Friday, April 14, 2017

From the past

From the Past
 on Dec 31, 2011
Here's want the Templeton (MA)Municipal Building Committee purchased for $400,000.00. and they want to turn it into the new town hall at a cost of over 2million - one thing you don't get from the picture is the smell of chemicals in the building - now they want another $400,000. on February 6th - the architech that they paid over $100,000.00 to said at the November Town Meeting that everything would be all covered up (black mold and chemical smells) Talk about a waste of Taxpayers money!
252 Baldwinville Rd

A comment left YESTERDAY!

"There is a business operating out of this build now. I was there today picking up materials. It is now in worse shape than these pictures. It looks abandoned but it is in use. "

The gift that keeps on giving. 

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  1. This gem added to our debt in our town. We have been paying for it ever sense 2011. This is just another one of those wonderful deals from Echo Hill.