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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Financial Information for Tonight's Audit Meeting

Financial Information for Tonight's Audit Meeting

At last night's selectmen meeting, the financial team presented the 3rd Quarter Report. That information is available HERE.

The last 17 pages of this report include the most up-to-date Budget vs. Actual Report.  3rd Quarter means most accounts should be expended at 75%. There are exceptions.

There are some interesting figures included in this report. 

On page 1of 17, the Reserve Fund  is showing a balance of $47,500 which does not seem to reflect the transfer to vehicle maintenance account.

On page 3 of 17, the Fire/EMS department expenses expended by 84.98 % reflect the concern of the Account in the 3rd quarter financial update.

On page 4 of 17, the Snow & Ice account has been overspent by $108,987.74 or 187.19 %.

On page 6 of 17, Principal on Long Term debt is expended by 87.84 % ; Unemployment is expended at 80.97 %; and Group Insurance is expended at 84.02 %.

On page 7 of 17, Ambulance Receipts Reserved expenses are expended at 82.06 %

On page 9 of 17, ZBA has been overexpended by $301.02 .

On page 10 of 17, COA Revolving MART  has been overexpended by $30,641.52 or 179.12 %. and Recycling Revolving has been overexpended by $983.67 or 218.11 %.

On page 14 of 17, it gets really interesting.

 There was no appropriation for School Feasibility, however $119,816.12 was expended on school feasibility.

And more interesting:

It's hard to see, but $106,465.29 was allocated for the elementary school (first column). $1,347,482.73 was expended. This account was overexpended by $1,241,017.44 or 1,265.65 % 



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