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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Gouged with still lower cost to TMLWP?

 When will the light shine like we were told it would?

Our Light bills should Be “LIGHTER”
On July 1, MMWEC made the final payments required to retire the bonds issued for its Nuclear Mix No. 1 Power Supply Project, which represents a 19.6-megawatt ownership interest in Millstone Unit 3 and a 2-megawatt ownership interest in Seabrook Station. Via Nuclear Mix No. 1 and four other power supply projects, MMWEC owns 4.8% of Millstone Unit 3 and 11.59% of Seabrook Station. A total of $167.1 million in MMWEC debt associated with these other power supply projects remains outstanding but is scheduled for retirement by 2019, at which point all of MMWEC’s power supply projects will be debt-free.
In the case of Nuclear Mix No. 1, there will be no debt service expenses after July 1 for the 25 participating municipal utilities, which are based in the communities of Ashburnham, Boylston, Danvers, Georgetown, Groton, Hingham, Holden, Holyoke, Hudson, Hull, Ipswich, Littleton, Mansfield, Marblehead, Middleborough, Middleton, North Attleborough, Paxton, Peabody, Reading, Shrewsbury, Templeton, Wakefield, West Boylston and Westfield. MMWEC is a non-profit, public corporation and political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts created by an Act of the General Assembly in 1975 and authorized to issue debt to finance a wide range of energy facilities. MMWEC provides a variety of power supply, financial, risk management and other services to the state’s consumer-owned, municipal utilities.
 With many factors increasing the inflow of money to TMLWP a town owned department. One would think the reason we have been charged extra for the Nuke plant investments is it would pay off. My bill has not changed to reflect the better solar deals,nuke plant debt reductions or the work / other income the department has in their accounts. WHY? Does the money go somewhere they should have put it long ago. Have they underfunded liabilities we spoke of years ago?
Looking at pg.39 2014 town report facts put in are odd.
MMWEC peaking  project reports Templeton kilowatt-hours use @=55,441 Cost 85,805.00=rate of   154.77cents   ISO interchange market was 6.60 cents.
It’s no wonder why the Princeton light dept. purchases no power from MMWEC.
They can get a better deal from another source.
Would the answer YES be a surprise to you?
Demand lower Electric bills as the cost gets reduced so should our bills.


  1. So what the hell do they do with all that extra money they don't have to pay to the generation part of the costs.
    Why should we pay for all the extra cost they don't have like the solar power on Farnsworth rd.
    They only pay the power generation costs and charge us as though they pay all the other costs they charge us.
    6.245 per kwhr and then we pay over double or do they sell it to the commercial customers for less?
    It’s no wonder why the Princeton light dept. purchases no power from MMWEC.

  2. So stop blaming the light commissioners for the added debt, they just asked for it, town meeting said do it and the selectmen supported it!

    posted by Jeff Bennett