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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Vote Monday May 1!


Vote Monday May 1!

Templeton Town elections; Support and elect Diane Brooks and Julie Farrell. I feel right now, the most important thing for the select board would be experience and experience comes from doing rather than theory. While we may disagree on some things, I feel there could be a good working relationship between the select board and the Advisory Committee which will be good for the Town. agree to disagree on things but remember the big picture, THE ENTIRE TOWN and I feel those two candidates fit better, right now rather than an unknown. It is my opinion that in order to progress, you must know and understand the mistakes of the past and I believe those two candidates fit into what Templeton needs now and for the next three to five years. (if elected, do not get to comfy, as I am not going anywhere, no matter where I sit!)

posted by Jeff Bennett


  1. When you vote on May 1 or at the Town Meeting keep this article from the T&G in mind. Here is a very interesting quote from Quabbin regional.

    "The Collins staff said that based on Massachusetts School Building Authority standards, the district has 192 classrooms, of which 94 are not being used."

    From this srticle:

    1. All of the projections for this area show that the new growth in our area is not increasing. In fact it is going down, along with the number of students that will be attending school. Do we need a new school ? Yes we do ! But not the one they have been planning, especially where they want to put it. I feel we need time to get our act together, after all it has been 250 years. Bev.

  2. if the school people come out and vote you know which way the election will go !

  3. With any luck it will be the last thing on the agenda. Will they move it to the first?
    Again they will vote and leave soon after. That is part of the problem here.
    Partial participation.

  4. Actually Jeff, if you listed to or talk to Cameron you would like him. I like his ability to talk about the financial problems and his knowledge of finances. Something we really need is someone who understands finances and I liked his talk about getting business in town. This could be the best thing that happens to Templeton